11010-chile-funGreetings! Today is Independence Day for Peru, but a work day for the team. I don´t think I have ever heard so much 80s music at such high
decibals! There is music and celebration everywhere! The team is working hard laying brick and all those days of block laying classes at Boot Camp are paying off! They are hard workers and anxious to make as much progress as possible before we leave. I can´t believe we will be starting our travel back a week from today! Yesterday we poured the last of the concrete in the morning, but needed to wait for it to dry, so Brian surpised the team with the afternoon off for a journey into the jungle. They loved it! It was fun to see and sample some native Peruvian plants, fruit and sugar cane. We plan to work hard the next couple of days, but Saturday afternoon we will have the opportunity to go to a local orphanage and do a presentation for the children. We are hoping our hearts will be prepared for the difficult blessing this will be. It will be hard to see children in a situation we can´t fix, but we must remember that even more than an earthly family, these children need to know Jesus! Pray their hearts and minds will be open to receive the Good News. Sunday night we are excited to be going to a nice Peruvian restaurant for our team banquet! The girls will have a treat Sunday afternoon at Amber & Amara´s spa where we will be painting nails and fixing hair in preparation for our night out. It is always so much fun to feel clean and pretty after weeks of being covered in dirt and concrete!
Please be praying even now for the teams transition home. Many of them are already mentioning this during prayer request time at evening
devos. They have truly grown close to one another! They are looking forward to seeing family back home, but are dreading saying goodbye to
their new family here. Thank you again for your continued prayers and support!
The Chile/Peru Team



  1. I’m praying for the team and their adjustment to their soon return to the States. I know from experience that “reverse culture shock” is often much more difficult than “culture shock”.

  2. So jealous! Praying for you all :]

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