Honduras Horseback-11028

11028-hondurasWe received three short reports today:

The team has been working hard in the sun on many different projects in preparation for building the classrooms. They rotate so they all get to do each thing. The jobs are making blocks, sifting sand out of gravel, getting water (for making blocks), steel-tying, and digging the footers. The weather has warm and sunny alternating with rainstroms that come and go throughout the day.
W started blocking laying on Monday. The team members have been getting water from the creek for work, bathroom and kitchen. We have been making 120-140 bricks a day, but we had to stop making bricks because we need the cement mix for the rest of the morter.
It is still rainy, but with a chance of sunshine.:-)
We have finished pouring the footer for schoolhouse over weekend. We went to two different communities and did a presentations and also did it in the church. Ten people accepted Christ! The weather has been rainy.


  1. Hey Beth,
    I just want to thank you for all of the hard work you are doing! I know as a parent communication has been a concern as my 13 year old daughter is on the trip but I know that God is doing mighty things through the kids and also working in my life in having to trust in God to care for my baby girl. My wife is an FTM and I was at first a little unsure about sending her but through this process God has spoken to my heart to leave her in his hands and I beleive has renewed my faith in Him. Since coming for Commissioning both my wife and I have felt called to lead a team next year. God is great and can give us peace through even these things. I have grown from this comunication thing, that everything I have belongs to God first…including my baby girl and I have to trust in Him.

    Just Some Thought,

    • Paul, Thanks for understanding. I just posted a detailed report with testimonies from all the kids. Will let everyone know when they arrive for Debrief. God bless!

  2. Hi Beth,
    I appreciate your response to the concerns of Timothy and Clifford. Perhaps this might cause Teen Missions to reconsider the merit of sending two 20 or 21 year-olds out as the only US leaders for 23 teens. I’m sure they are very committed people for taking on such an trip, but perhaps they do not have the wisdom to see the trip from multiple angles, including the need for administrative tasks. Perhaps, in the future, a third (maybe a bit older) adult with a group this large would be wise?

    • Wallace, The head lady leader is American and is in her 30’s. I just spoke with the leaders and a report will be sent today.

  3. Two days and no response. is everything ok?

  4. I am so happy for the other teams. They have wonderful testimonies =) I am so looking forward to hear from the Honduras Team as well. Praying for you guys so hard and frequently, with much love, simply a mom

  5. Hi Beth, and other parents of the Honduras kids.
    I have read all of the posts here and have not spoken up, but I think it’s time to do so. Wallace has made some points that seem to be placated with “there, there, little ones,” rather than truly being addressed. Yes, while missionaries of old may have had no contact with or from home, this is not the premise under which we sent our children. I probably wouldn’t have sent my daughter if I knew how little communication there would have been, because this is not what we were told it would be. I won’t likely recommend it to other parents either, which actually saddens me. The reality is most teams communicate will with parents, but this team didn’t, and there appears to be nothing organizationally that corrects this. I am disappointed.

    • Clifford, I am trying to call the base today. We have sent them several emails about the communication issues. Please believe me, this issue has been and will be sternly addressed!!!! We totally understand the parents concern and we are doing everything we can on this end to remedy the situation. I have sent several emails, examples of what we want, etc. But they will be arriving tomorrow and there WILL BE a detailed email to follow…

  6. I must say it is relieving in a way to read all the recent comments from other curious parents. I was beginning to feel guilty as I read other team reports and am so badly wanting to hear the same sort of informing reports about our team….As well, I’m glad to hear every little word we receive but it does seem like it could be done better. I do believe though, through it all this has been as much a character builder for me in learning to let my beautiful daughter Kiana go. She is starting her senior year and is getting ready to leap with this crazy and awesome passion she has for her God and King…..and I am not to be the one to catch her anymore. It is an amazing thing to see how faithful God is to us through our children. Yes, through the moments we have with them to teach them and help them grow. But maybe mostly through the moments when they’ve grown and they begin to teach us through who they’ve become. I agree Monica, our God IS an awesome God!

  7. Do we know if team 11028 is MIA or the reason for having gone dark?
    As a dad I would like to know their traveling itinerary out of the bush, through the river, on to the vans, and to the plane for Miami.

    • Timothy, We heard on the 5th they were on their way to the base. We had emailed them that we needed a DETAILED report once they arrived. Obviously, we have not received it. We are trying to call as I write.

  8. Praise be to God for the sweet heart of your daughter Craig. Those things are what I call riches from above. With that request what else a parent want? God is an awesome God. =)

  9. Craig T. Edwards

    if they’re safe & healthy, I’m happy (bad weather, hard work & tough times build character) – these updates are great Beth. From what I got to know of the kids I met at boot camp, they’re a good group – adversity will bring them together and closer to God. Alexis will be 14 next summer; she asked me at boot camp if she could go to Papua New Guinea next summer … (that’s an easy “yes”)

  10. God is the perfect Father. The kids He let me have for a while in this earth are not mine, are Eternally His, like I am Eternally His daughter also. I am just here to show who He is, to reflect His image, to bring glory to Him, to follow what Jesus did. It is a privilege to have a teenage daughter that wanted to go to TMI Honduras Horse for her 15th Birthday present, and I did not even provided for it. Her Eternal Heavenly Father did. I praise you God for all the preteen and teenage kids that are listening to Your voice and obeying You. Missions are awesome =)

  11. This is a faith-stretching experience for us as parents too, and while more specific updates would be nice (or even confirmation that “everyone is healthy” ~ that kind of thing), i think about missionaries of the past who had little or no communication with family back home for several years at a time, and i am thankful for modern technology and whatever updates we get.

    And, it’s only 12 more days now! 🙂

    Praying for the team as they wrap up their ministry there in the next week and head home…

  12. Beth, I am very thankful with the work you are doing. You are the communicator of good news for us parents. I appreciate the promptness of your answers to all of us individually. Thanks for keeping us updated and in good spirit. May the Lord Bless you and the sweet work you do.

  13. Beth, I appreciate your point that two 20-year-old leaders might not be writers, but shouldn’t they follow the guidelines teen missions sets for them? If you give them a sample of how to put together a report, surely they can do that, no?

    One other question – Do you know if the kids are getting our mail to them (not specifically, but generally – is mail getting through)?

    • Wallace, I have no idea about the mail. It is very iffy in Honduras. They are going by our guidelines and answering every question. However, they are not expounding on those questions which is what the parents want. The internet connections may be really sporadic, so they may just be able to send what they can type quickly. I cannot second guess them. If they have a computer (which I doubt) and a jump drive, then it would be easy to write long reports. If they don’t, then it may not be possible. I am sure we will get a good report once they are back at base and have access to a computer.

  14. I’m with you Glenn. A word about their well-being would be great. Has anyone received a note for their child?

  15. Do we know when they’ll start leaving the area and return to base camp to prepare for their trip back Miami?

  16. I would like to hear more about the personal goings-on! What are their sleeping arrangements like? Are their clothes EVER getting dry? Is everyone healthy? What kind of Honduran foods have they tasted? Have they made any spiritual break-throughs with the people they are coming in contact with? Personally, I do not really care whether they are making 123 or 137 bricks a day. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad they are building a classroom that will help these people! But I do not even know who they are building it for, and why! These are the things that go through my mind. And I would like to hear a quote or two from the team on their perspective of what they are experiencing, observing, and learning from this mission. This is the kind of news I would like to read. Thanks.

    • Glenn, I agree. I have emailed them and asked for a better report to post on the web and even included a “sample”.

  17. Thanks for working with them Beth. My daughter told me that their two leaders from the US were about 20 years old, and there was a married couple from Honduras. I would assume that the youth of the US leaders means there this is the first time they are leading a group to the country. I appreciate you helping them all you can.

  18. Thank You Beth; we would like more details (sending a “sample” is a great idea) 🙂 I’ve enjoyed reading the reports from all over the world – many blessings.

  19. Thank you so much Beth. You are doing a great job =) I just miss my girl so much.

  20. Thank you so much for the updates!

  21. Some teams write reports from the kids and how God is working in their personal life through the hard work they do, the experience of being in a foreign country way different than theirs, the interaction with each or some team members, being under the authority of the leaders, not mom and dad =) and the separation in time from their love ones. I wonder if it is possible that we can hear something like that from the Honduras Team. I might answer myself that question, saying that they are in a very remote area and I should be thankful with at least the general reports. I just have to put the thought out there. Any parents relate? Maybe it is just me.

    • Monica, I am trying to get that kind of a report. I sent a “sample” so they would know what I am talking about.

  22. Thank you so much for taking the time to write news for us, desperate parents =)

    • Monica, I am trying to get them to send me more to work with on these reports. I sent a “sample” so they would know more of what the parents are looking for. Hang in there!

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