11011-peruHola, friends and family!  It´s another beautiful, sunny day in Peru, and we´re already enjoying our last few days here.  Praise God, our lumber finally came and we switched the main focus of our work hours from the field we´ve been clearing to building a kitchen for Blanca and Julio, the caretakers that live at the property.  Blanca´s current kitchen is made of saplings and has a thatched roof.  We´re so excited about being able to bless her with an actual building that will withstand any winds. Yesterday, trusses were measured and sawed, post holes were dug and concrete was poured.  Today work continues at a rapid pace – you can actual see progress from hour to hour on the building! With so few work days available to us before we need to pack up and leave Puerto Maldonado, we´re all anxious to do as much as possible and accomplish all that we can. We´ve been enjoying our time so much – laughing and talking during meals,enjoying some delicious food, sharing what God is teaching us… we’ve continued to grow closer as a team and closer to God.  One highlight was a special treat that Caleb got to prepare for the team – flan!  Who would have thought we could eat such refined food in the jungles of Peru! Our evenings have been such a great time together, as we´ve done a Bible study, our GG classes, and then group devotions.  What a great time set aside to talk about our relationships with God and what God is doing in our lives.  (Doing this around a campfire may add to an especially close atmosphere!)  It is so encouraging to hear from each other how God is using the tough, new, different, funny things happening in our lives right now to his glory.  We look forward to sharing with you all about those things when we come home.

Blessings to you all,

Love the Peru team



  1. Karen Richardson

    Beth, Was wondering the same thing. Thanks for all your hard work.

  2. Beth, Is there a new report for today August 1, because this is the same one that came in last week?

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