11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-Serbia11009-SerbiaThe past four days we have enjoyed misty mornings with a little rain and then the sun appears about mid day to dry our tents and laundry on the line.  We have been enjoying the cooler weather.  We are on the downhill side of our colds and most everyone is feeling healthy.  Anna, Gabby, David and Becca are still coughing but feeling much better.

This last week the team was cleaning out a storage area.  There was a lot of rubbish to be burned and things to be sorted. They then took off the clay tiles from the roof of the storage and demolished the brick wall.  For the next few days they will be cleaning the bricks that are still usable, stacking them for a future project, and hauling the broken bricks to the disposable pit.  Andrew and Anna have been the “heros” and have taken most of the wheelbarrow loads to the pit, the job least desired.  We have been rotating the team, two at a time, to help put railings on all the bunk beds for the campers.  Liz and Ben are working together today.  It is a slow moving job that takes a lot of patience, so they say.  Emily is on Kitchen duty today and she is excited to make fried tortillas with chocolate Nutella sauce for dessert.  We hope is will be a better success than her attempt to make Koolaid with salt instead of sugar!  There is never a dull moment.

On Saturday afternoon the team enjoyed a walk to town again to buy a few more sweets for their family souvenirs.  We had quite a time at the open market while the locals tried to talk to Gaby about the honey she wanted to buy.  One of the pictures is of all the people involved in the excursion.  So much fun!

Saturday evening the team participated in the camp talent show with the 10-12 year olds.  They sang a Boot Camp song together with choreography.  The kids loved it so much that the the team taught it to them in their free time on Sunday.  In the evening, out team had their first opportunity to share puppets with the children. Gaby, Emily, Anna, and Evan  presented the Wordless Book to the campers and passed out bracelets.  We also practiced our verses through quiz out on Sunday afternoon.  Anna, Gaby and Emily quizzed out in the first 10 minutes.  The rest of the team seems to find it very challenging.

This morning most of the girls joined in with the campers on their morning aerobics. It was a lot of fun to watch their creative talents flowing together.

Thank you all for praying for our team.  They are all looking forward to our site seeing day on Thursday to the monestary’s and then Friday we fly to Germany.  Please pray that we will finish the work days to the best of our ability and continue to uplift one a one another on the team.  We are praying that God will have His way in each of our lives and that we will make the most of every moment here.  To God be the glory!

Emily B.: I have been with the same people 24/7, for the past 39 days. We work together. We eat together. we go places together. We do everything together. Personal devotions are the thirty minutes we have to “ourselves” and still we are all in sight of each other. We are like a thrown-together family, and as you can imagine, the opportunity to get on each others nerves are endless.I thought I was pretty good with dealing with people, but God has stretched me to new limits.This experience has a way of bringing our true personalities to light. Finding out who we truly are  isn’t always a pleasant experience. It’s easy to just live in selfishness and not seek to serve others. But I was challenged to make the most of this experience and that’s what I asked God to help me do. I asked Him for strength to get through each day, and for attentiveness to see things that needed done or people that needed encouraged, and a positive attitude to counteract any negativeness that I faced. Before my outlook changed, certain people and situations woule irratate and bother me, but as God changed my perspective and attitude, my feelings started to change. Now I love being with my teammates, and all the constant time together is just an opportunity to grow closer, and they really do feel like family.
Our time in Serbia is almost over, and to be honest, I will be sad to leave Camp Mrcajevci and all the cool people we have met. We got to interact with the teens that came to camp last week, and that was…interesting. This week is the younger kids, they are so much fun to talk to and play with. We,ve almost finished all of our work projects. Hopefully we can complete them before we leave on Friday. This summer has been amazing in so many ways! God is more real to me now than He has ever been, and I pray that I’ll continue to seek Him when I go home. I will miss Serbia, and the people here but, I won’t miss the Kool-Aid 🙂 God Bless!11009-Serbia11009-Serbia


  1. What a joy reading about our youth doing something “Kingdom-minded.” A refreshing contrast to the crime reports and bad news in our newspapers, and a reminder that God is still at work!

  2. That’s my Emily! Her mom has her own story of mixing up salt for sugar when making tea for a proper English Gentleman. Her great Aunt also put salt instead of sugar in the fruit salad one Christmas…so I guess she couldn’t escape the experience.

  3. Great update! Team Serbia parents, have you received letters from your kids yet? We heard they have been receiving mail from us in Serbia, but we haven’t received any mail yet and thought it was odd as they have been there for several weeks now.

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