11070-sicily-ptGreetings from Florida!

We had a wonderful, uneventful trip back to Florida. Our stop in Germany was refreshing, as the team got to swim in the pool at the hotel and walk around a little bit. Most chose to eat out at a nearby pizza shop.

We are back in Florida and have gotten settled in. We get to stay in air-conditioned dorms with showers which is a nice change from Boot Camp. Saturday was our settle-in day and we were very happy to do some laundry in the washing machines. Sunday we did a presentation for an adult Sunday School class and attended the service at a local church. It was neat to share about our summer overseas and how much the Lord has been working in the hearts of the kids on the team. Today we did some clean up around the property.  We’ve been pulling weeds and scrubbing the wall around the World Map to get it ready to paint.

We want to thank all of you that have been praying for us. We hope you sons and daughters will have some get stories and testimonies to share when they get home.


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  1. stephanie (jacobs mom)

    Would like to make sure that Jacob knows.we will be picking him up on friday evening and we will be there for the final closing. We will get him with Molly and May Wadman on South Africa and Scotland respectively, on Friday night. Can’t wait to see you then!!!

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