Zambia Bridge-11021

11021-zam-bridgeAfter some impressive work-filled days, we ran into a few issues. I think we all became a little arrogant after the progress we had made in a short amount of time and God decided to humble us. A few of our supply items ran out and our hand drills kept breaking which ended up frustrating the whole team. As we shifted our focus from the project to what the Lord was teaching us, we began the finishing touches as a team. In fact, Saturday marks the first day villagers walked across the completed bridge. It has been well received as orphans and elders alike can’t stop celebrating and running across it. The handrail has yet to be put up but that should be something we should finish up on Tuesday.


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  1. Good job Zambia team in completing your project of the bridge. May God bless every person that crosses over the bridge your loving hands built, in what ever their need may be. May God also bless you in completion of putting up the railing for the bridge by Tuesday. Hope everyone is well and no sickness in group now. Love the picture. Looking forward to the return of my loving son JP though. Love you and still praying for many blessings to the mission God has you on besides the bridge, Zambie team. Love and prayers to you JP and your team, your mom Cathyrn!

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