11026-zimbabweGreetings from chilly Zimbabwe! We have had cold, windy weather the past couple of days. On Friday, we had our last foot washing. The team gave out 32 pairs of shoes, and administered medicines, creams, and cough drops to those in need. It was a somber ride back home as our team realized that we only have one more week left here in Zimbabwe. On Saturday, the children from the local area came to play with the girls. Many of the team members have developed bonds with the local children, and it’s been amazing to see the shy African children come out of their shells. For church this week, our team was taken to a small church in the bushes. The church is a round hut, with a thatched roof. The women gathered on straw mats on the floor, while the men sat on benches. (this is typical Zimbabwe custom) Though it was cold, the door stayed open during our three hour service. We had two sermons, and many songs. The locals brought blankets for the service. Though we worship very differently in the states, we still worship and pray to the same God.

Tomorrow, we leave for Victoria Falls. Please pray for some of the girls who have colds and allergies. Also, pray for endurance during this last week. As much as we love Zimbabwe, our hearts our aching for home. We also ask that everyone be in prayer that we fly out according to the date which our tickets are for. Thank you all for your continued prayers. The Lord has been gracious and merciful, and has been with our team holding us up. We are so grateful that we can serve such a mighty God. As always, it’s a great day here in Zimbabwe.
Many Blessings,
Claimet, Bobbi, Suzanne and the girls



  1. Donna Agnew (Emily's Grammy)

    You are all in our thoughts and prayers esspecially as you wind up your last week. It has touched us all back home hearing what God is doing thru you in Zimbabwe tese past few weeks. Can’t wait to hear all your storries Em, and looks like baby will arrive Thurs Aug 4th tommorrow. Will try to drop a message here when it happens.

  2. Brent (Taylor's Dad)

    The reports from the field are more than awesome. Thank you team for faithfully being the hands and feet of Christ. We will continue to pray for you as requested. Godspeed.

  3. Sarah (Ezzie's Mom)

    We will be praying for those things, counting down the days till you get back, but know it must be bittersweet! Hoping good-byes won’t be too hard and what a lasting impression you girls have made for Jesus there! Have fun at Victoria Falls, love you so much Ezzie, I’ve waited all this time to lookat your bday card!! enjoy your last week we’ll have plenty of time to be together when you get back 🙂

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