11013-Ecuador11013-Ecuador11013-Ecuador11013-Ecuador11013-Ecuador11013-EcuadorWe only have two more work days after today(Tuesday) and then we’ll be starting our journey back to TMI in Florida for debrief. Team Ecuador had an exciting weekend as we went to the park in Latacunga to do evangelism. After sharing some songs, our team members made balloons for the children and handed out tracts and wordless bracelets. We had a crowd of at least 50 people (young and old) that sat down to hear the team sing, then they gathered around as Jorge shared the plan of salvation in Spanish with the wordless bracelet as a tool to help. The crowd seemed very receptive, and we know that many seeds were planted on Saturday to the people of Latacunga. On Sunday, we once again shared our presentation to another church in town. It is a blessing to see our team members worship in song and boldly share their testimonies. The team also gave their presentation to the Ecuador Bootcamp.

This week we are finishing laying brick, putting up the walls to the 2nd story of the apartment, preparing for the roof. Each team member has been working very hard, and it is awesome to see the result of their work .It is especially exciting to see how the Lord is changing them individually. We leave Friday morning for our trip to the equator, followed by a night in the airport in Quito since our flight leaves very early on Saturday morning. Hopefully, you’ll be getting one more update from Ecuador this week before we depart the base on Friday morning.

The weather has been pleasant for the most part. We had a hail storm, with pea-sized hail, on Monday afternoon, and it was a sight to see here at the base. The head-leaders’ children thought it was snowing!

Below is a brief testimony from team member Christian Gentry about an experience on Saturday with the boys on our team and one of the male leaders:

“Throughout this trip I have learned many things about myself and God. Probably the most profound was when we went to do evangelism. We decided to go shopping first in Latacunga for an hour or two and all the boys got lost. We entered a poorer part of town and experienced a radical change from the rich, tourist friendly part we started in. People on the street were pleading for you to buy matches, batteries or little scoops of fabric. The streets were clogged with venders. Eventually we found our way out and back to our truck. This experience really taught me to appreciate the life I have.”



  1. I love reading these updates! Praying for your safety as you return state-side, and for God to continue to bless the work you are doing in Ecuador!

  2. I cant wait to hear the stories first hand. I have also enjoyed the updates and look forward to one more. We will praying for your safe arrival. Today is my birthday and today I rec’d a letter from Ecuador. This was my best present ever. I hope you guys feel lead to join another team next year. The Lord has blessed you….

  3. Love reading the testimonies. I know that this complete team will leave Ecuador with changed lives. You all are in God’s hands. Praying continuously for all the team and safe travels. May God Bless….

  4. Ashleigh Knowlton

    It is always a blessing to read these updates! Continuing to pray as you enter your last days in Ecuador and for safe travel home!

  5. You are making so many people and God happy with all your hard work (phys and spiritual) Keep up the strong work and most of all keep that armor of God on!For our battle is not flesh and blood but .. So remember , it’s not your teammate or leader that is upsetting you , but the spiritual forces that wants to discourage you. I’m praying for you all to stay strong, alert and keep doing kingdom work. When we do God’s work, we make the enemy mad but our God is greater!

  6. It is hard to believe this is your last week in Ecuador before coming home. These updates have been wonderful as they are a glimpse of what you all have been doing. The seeds you all have planted for God’s kingdom will reap a great harvest as well as your personal testimonies have been stretched beyond your wildest expectations! Philippians 4:13 proved true for all of you as He provided His strength in you daily. We’re counting the days until you return!

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