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11071-south-ptGreetings for 7/18 – 20

Internet has been the only thing in this trip that has been a hang up. In such an industrialized country it should be much easier to get to access. The team should be on their last leg of their trip going from Germany to the US.
To finish our time out at Hosanna we were able to to outreach to shut ins. People suffering with cancer, HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis. The kids passed out bread, cleaned their homes and did dishes. They were so blessed to be able to serve in this way. We also did our program for the kids every afternoon. They have nearly 70 kids that come every afternoon for an orphan feeding program. We had 55 salvations the first day! We loved doing our presentation and the kids loved the puppets. The best part for the team though was after the presentation when they got to go out and play with all of the kids. They had them doing all sorts of games and we actually had to send our kids inside the church to get the children to go home before it got to dark.
Kruger was a blessing and God did his best to show the animals off to us. We didn’t see any lions, but we had a leopard that was resting on a rock when we pulled up. He then hopped off and slowly walked along the roadside as we drove along getting camera shots by all of the team. They saw plenty of elephants and antelope, but the highlight was the cape buffalo and leopard.
There have been 55 decisions for Christ!
We were able to do the presentation twice, each afternoon for the orphans that came to eat.
The outstanding experience for many was seeing the Leopard. It had been a long day looking at animals, but when we saw the leopard all of the kids came alive. For me (Jason) the outstanding experience was seeing 15 young people reaching out in love to nearly 70 orphans. To watch them play and truly enjoy loving them was a great experience. The language barrier didn’t exist for them as the language of love allowed them to play and enjoy each other.
Goals: To travel back to the base, complete their sightseeing of the capitol and shop for souvenirs. We also will be preparing to pack out and attend their last African church.
Thursday 21-24
This last few days we traveled back to the base and have been preparing for the trip home. This is a very bittersweet time as the team isn’t ready to return home yet. Everyone says that it seems like they just got here. We will  miss them very much. Thursday was travel home from the Kruger side and settling back in at the base. Friday we had them doing laundry and cleaning the equipment up from the last two weeks. We also worked on our presentation for church this week. We are taking them into the township to visit Praise Tabernacle church. Saturday was our morning to visit the city and do our souvenir shopping. Everyone had the opportunity to get all of the wonderful trinkets that they needed to take home. We spent the afternoon helping them to begin to pack everything into their duffels. We also had a Christmas in July party this night and prepared some special cookies that they were able to then decorate themselves. We played some games and sang songs to finish out our special evening. Sunday was their last presentation and the church members loved them. They treated them to coke and cakes after the service. We also took this day to have our traditional South African meal for the team. For lunch we had chicken necks, pap (maize meal) with gravy, cabbage, pumpkin and sausages. They really did very well most even eating several chicken necks. After lunch I got our quiz seats out and we had an official quiz practice. I was very impressed as nearly everyone did excellent with many quizzing out quickly. Sunday evenings devotional was very good, with a few people beginning to shed some tears as it came to a close.
Monday we finished packing out and had all of the team to our house for a presentation. We did an South African chain hug and Mrs. Karen and I presented each of the team members with a South African flag patch to remember us by.
The outstanding experience for the team this week was learning how to barter at the shops. I gave them a small crash course on how to barter with the venders and they were so proud of themselves in going out and getting all of their trinkets. Nearly everyone came to me to report back on how well they did at bartering and what prices they paid for the things they wanted.



  2. Wow, what an incredible time. Thanks to all who have invested in the lives of each team member. I know that Abby will never forget this experience and all that God did in and through each of you. Thank you so much for giving of yourselves and your time for an eternal investment. I hope to one day meet all of you; if not here on the other side. : )

  3. Thank you Jason and Karen for taking such good care of our kids this Summer. It sounds like a wonderful time serving the Lord. Erich and I cannot express how thankful we are to you. Please tell Joy and Jolie that Bryn’s parents say Hello! 🙂

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