11017-Uganda On Sunday, the team did three presentations at a church in Koboko. The first two services were in English and one of the local languages and the third service was for the Dinkas and Sudanese people. The team did many uplifting songs and shared testimonies with the congregation. They also did a drama that the people enjoyed. After a late lunch, the team went and did a presentation at a local high school.  There were several area high schools represented at a Christian Scripture meeting.  The team enjoyed hanging out with local teenagers who were also Christians.  Our team could not be more warmly welcomed than what we were in Koboko.  Also, we have had a total of 72 salvations this Summer.

Monday morning we left Koboko by bus and went to the main base in Uganda near Jinja.  We have been getting settled in today and went to Forest Newland Orphans Rescue Unit.  We were able to have a great time with the children their and were able to supply some of the children with shoes and medicine. 

Wednesday, the team will be going back to the Forest Newland Orphan Rescue Unit to do some more work and evangelistic outreach.  Then the team will be leaving to go souvenir shopping at Jinja and going to see the source of the Nile River.  We have been able to meet more of the Teen Missions Uganda Staff and become more familiar with all the work and ministry taking place in Uganda.  Thursday,  we will be packing up to fly back to the States via London, England.   It should be a great time in the last few days here in Uganda.

The weather has been nice.  In the day in the low 90’s and at night in the 80’s.

There have been a total of 72 decisions for Christ this summer. 

Sunday morning we did presentations at three services at a church in Koboko.  People were very responsive in the service and loved all that Teen Missions is doing in the area.

The team is going to go souvenir shopping Wednesday in Jinja and will be going to the source of the Nile River.  We will be going back to Forest Newland Orphan Rescue Unit also on Wednesday for more presentations and ministry.




  1. We can’t wait to hear all about your summer. Praying for safe traveling home. See you soon Tristan, No baby yet, but it could come any time.
    We love you

  2. Good to hear news from the busy Uganda team. We just got a letter today from Neli as well. Sounds like an amazing experience of growth all the way around! Stay safe Uganda team as you finish your time and travel home!

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