11024-cameroonGreetings from Cameroon. We are so blessed and have much to praise the Lord for.

Work Project:

We finished the third veranda. So far the team has mixed and poured and mixed and hauled 27 bags of cement. We finished all the room division and are going to paint the walls and windows tomorrow. We are also doing a presentation for the entire village in the community hall tomorrow afternoon.

Daily life:

We had a wonderful fun night on Saturday. We played games, sang and roasted marshmallows. It was great fun to see Stephen and Elvis (nationals with us) enjoy them for the first time. We also tried roasted palm nuts they are nice and taste like squash. On Sunday we went to a different church in town and did a presentation. Everyone is healthy and caught up on their verses. We did have a few days of running to the outhouse which was following our lunch with the District officer. Ami, Sarah, Brittnay, William , Braxton and Jon-Michael are all such a joy to lead and we are just loving these guys. They work well together and at times we often here them singing. The little girl we have been caring for is up and walking and the village chief is grateful we have also treated other wounds on various others as well. It is hard to believe that we have only two more days here. We leave Saturday the 6th for Yaounde. The rains have started and it is advisable that we travel Sat as they fly Monday. We would not want to get stuck and unable to make it back. We will take them shopping for souvenirs on Monday morning and than give time to pack before their evening flight to Paris. We will attend a church on Sunday and perhaps do another presentation.

Thank you for all your prayers.



  1. WOW! Hard to believe your time is almost up. It sounds as though fabulous ministry took place. Can’t wait to hear all about it. We will be praying that the rains do not hold you up in any way and that all flights can be made and that everyone stays healthy. Blessings and thanks for the faithful updates!

  2. Thank you so much for the updates. Beth you are doing a great job and it is very appreciated! I know it must be hard to keep up with everyone. May God Bless you greatly for your hard work this summer!. Praying for the team and the leaders in these last few days, and for the people in the village that their hearts are open. THNK YOU AGAIN for the great job!

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