Hope School-11018

11018-Hope School11018-Hope School11018-Hope SchoolWe are finishing up work today and tomorrow. This morning we were able to go visit the Mayor of Beit Jala. He is a very nice man and we enjoyed coffee, chocolates and he gave us each an olive wood key chain to remember him by. Yesterday, we spent a good portion of the day at the Dead Sea. It was very relaxing. The water is extremely salty and burned our cuts, etc. They say the mud is good for the skin so we covered ourselves in it. We had a picnic lunch then returned back to Hope School. We also stopped in Jericho for about an hour and saw the ruins from Herrod’s Palace and the tree where they say Zacceus was when Jesus told him He was coming to his house. The road was very windy through the mountains, but the scenery was beautiful.
Thank you for your prayers as we get ready to head pack up and head back to Florida.

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