OA II -11025

11025-oa-iiWarmest greetings from each one of us – we love each and very one of you and thank you for your continued prayer support – PTL!  We arrived at the TMI Ndola base yesterday (8/2) – no problems on the road except one bike broke down. We had a tremendous time on the circuit with 315 salvation decisions – PTL!, 80 rededicated their lives – PTL!, and we ministered to 738 people (children and some adults) – PTL! We serve an awesome God! We give all credit to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We are very thankful for the privilege of serving Him – PTL!
While at the Rescue Unit in Ngosa, our awesome God showed us one of our truck tires was low prior to going out on the circuit and He found the ball bearing missing out of our water filter pump when the handle came out – PTL! PTL! We had a tremendous time on the MSSM circuit and praise God for safe travel each day as we ventured out into the bush to reach out to those in need of a Savior – Thank you Jesus! We only had a couple of spills with the motorbikes and praise God nobody was injured or bruised. You can be proud of your teen as each one did a terrific job, had terrific attitudes, and did a fantastic job of ministering to the orphans plus they did a super job of riding the motor bikes. I am proud of them! 🙂 I praise God for each team member and our super leaders – Jillian, Eric, and Moe. PTL (Joe) 🙂

Following is a note from each precious teen:

“My First Summer with Teen Missions by Sarah Callaghan Martin –
When I got on the plane down to Orlando, I didn’t know what to expect. But, as I got my box, and walked down to the corner of the airport where all the other boxed travelers were huddled, I was greeted with nothing but kind, smiling faces. Boot Camp passed quickly and I made many new friends. After pack out, at the Washington, DC airport, I was straight up missing my lemon, also known as my family. Tears began to roll as I talked to them on the phone, but I knew Zambia was where God wanted me. Zambia is and has been amazing. God has changed me in so many ways, I don’t want to go home. But, I am excited to go home and make a difference.”

by Jess Vaden –
“Life back home will never be the same after my experience on this trip. Though rough at times, this escapade has introduced me to new cultures, beauty at its finest, and drawn me closed to God. I’ve always guarded my heart so that when God calls me to leave it somewhere, all I’ll have left to do is obey. Though Zambia, Africa is not where I’m called right now, a part of my heart will always remain here. My life surely belongs to You, Father, for the glory of your Name.”

by Graham Nelson –
“This summer has been amazing! God has really touched my heart in ways that can only be explained by seeing it first hand. If I had to pick one thing that I learned this summer, it would be how bad my work ethic really is. Those little African kids are the most helpful, generous, and thoughtful people I have ever seen. They have spurred me on to be a harder worker and to be more content in any and every situation. I am so blessed to have seen how God works in teens. God truly loves the little children of the world.”

by Andrew Manche –
“This trip, though hard at times, has changed my life as we know it. My Lord has taught me so many things through the good times, and the bad times. Most of all, He has taught me that my mission trip does not end here in Zambia. It will not rest solely on the shoulders of those who have given up their livelihood in America to be missionaries. No, my mission trip will continue until    the day the good Lord calls me home. I will carry this cross for the rest of my life. Whether in the deep jungles of Africa or the suburbs of North Carolina. Glory be to the Father forever and forever. Amen.”

by Joey Wermer –
“This Orphan Angels MSSM Team with Teen Missions has been a one in a lifetime experience. Handing out clothes and teaching Sunday Schools in Zambia has been totally enjoyable. Seeing hundreds of orphans with literally nothing makes me realize how truly blessed we are.”

by Jay Nelson –
“This summer has been one that won’t be forgotten. The team has gone through hard times, and really fun times. I really feel like I have grown in my relationship with God. He has brought us through everything – sickness, health, bike trouble, and He has protected us in travel. This summer, we ministered to over 500 orphans, and over 300 accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. As much as I can’t wait to get home, I really don’t want to leave. Thank You to everyone that made this summer possible.”

by Matthew Huff –
“The last two weeks I will never forget. God has changed my life in so many ways and has done it in ways I would have never thought He would. This summer with TMI has been amazing!”

“My Summer as an Orphan Angel by Abigail Hazel Barnaby –
To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I got to Zambia. I just went with the flow I guess. When we got to the bush, it was pretty late at night. It took about 12 hourds from Ndola to Ngosa. But, it was supposed to take like 3 hours. Our first day in Ngosa, we were greeted by a bunch of little orphans. At that moment, I realized that I was truly where God wanted me. It felt so right. So a few days later, we started our circuit. We taught Sunday School lessons, did a presentation, taught phonics to kids and adults, and played games. I could write on and on about how close I’ve grown with Christ this summer, but it doesn’t end here. I Timothy 4:12. When I get home, I want to continue being an example of the believers. The mission’s trip never ends. When I get home, I will continue to be on a mission for Christ. In Christ, Abigail Hazel Barnaby”

by Taylor Boltjies –
“This trip has taught me more about the world’s need for Christ then any class I have taken or lecture I have heard. I have never seen a real and tangible need for love in the eyes of these kids that would melt even the hardest heart. I have seen eternity stretched before me from the seat of an old motorcycle as we  ministered to them, and I have known what it is like to be a missionary – a calling I know I will never abandoned. I am excited to come home, but I know that the real adventure has just begun.”



  1. I am so thankful to hear of the ways the LORD has protected and provided for the team. Praising HIM for salvation of so many, and that our teens get to witness HIS mighty hand as they are used by HIM to make the Good News known. Thank you for the updates and individual testimonies. We are praying for your safe return.


  2. Thanks, all of you for sharing with us. I’m so excited for your willingness to serve! My prayers now are for all of you to come home and use that enthusiasm to spur us oldies on. Praising God with you! (Can’t wait for you to get home and share you heart & stories with us, Abbie!)


  3. Great testimonies!

  4. Such a blessing to get this report today….love to read how this has changed so many lives….empty to fill! I love to read how the Lord is working in each life and see the growth. Abigail B, you are a joy to me! and I know to many others now too…..God will continue to use you as you allow.

  5. Awesome testimonies!

  6. You’re right the mission continues! Our son , came home (Bethlehem) with intentions to relax and catch up on SLEEP!! He did that for 2 days then without his planning–is a leader at our church summer camp . And guess what? he’s using a lot of stuff he learned at BC and in the field!! God is so good. 🙂 God continue to bless you all.
    Prov 16:9 In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

  7. Dear OA II team: To see our prayers as parents answered in how the Lord is using you all is is pretty overwhelming…. as you have seen His heart for the world, I pray that nothing is ever the same for any of you ever again. Enjoy your time as tourists until you return home to us to continue your work as missionaries. Blessings to all, Richard Martin (aka Sarah’s paternal “lemon”… Beyoink)

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