11016-nepal-funWe are in Agra!  What an amazing day we have had. After a long journey here by bus, car, and train…we arrived. Today we toured the Red Fort and the Taj Mahal!  They are amazing sights and so awesome!  We were all saying how lucky we are to get to see them!!!  The stories behind them are fascinating!  I can’t wait for you all to hear about it first hand from your own children!

We will be leaving early tomorrow (Fri) morning for Delhi, do a little touring of the city there and then off to the airport for our flight back to the states!  We certainly are weary travels, but have had the adventure of a lifetime!  What an incredible summer we have had.
I know leaving Mendies Haven was bittersweet for all of us and most of us were in tears as we said good-bye to those precious children!  We celebrated the night before we left with a big dinner of chicken curry and rice.  The night before we had a “Mo-Mo” (potstickers) party with the children too!  It was so much fun to see who could eat the most!  All the children were amazed when Megan took the prize with 54 MoMo’s!!  Who knew a girl could eat that much!  🙂  We were also fortunate that Reuben (our first host missionary) came to meet our bus and bid us farewell as well!  It was great to see him before we left.
Soon, we will be back in Florida saying good-bye to each other….it won’t be easy, but we are all anxious to see our family again.
We have enjoyed devotions from Sydney, John, Mary Ann, Wyatt, and Taylor recently.  We will see you all so very soon!  Pray for good health and safe travels and we return!  We miss you all!!!


  1. Welcome home team – job well done!

  2. Thank you, thank you for the update. Your whole team is much in my prayers as you travel. I am so happy that you get to experience these wonderful sights, however, I am counting the seconds until I get my daughter back. Natalie’s absence has left a hole in our family this summer and we need her back soon. So, enjoy the rest of your time and thank you for all your hard work and love toward our kids. Safe travels and see you soon. Love, Natalie’s mom

  3. Jennifer Stewart

    ahhhhhh…. counting the days until I get to see you and squish you again Sawyer 🙂 We will be praying for safe travels for you all, as well as all the other teams that are on their way back to Florida for debrief. I would like to echo all of the thanks from the other parents to the leaders of the Nepal team – you have said “yes” when God called you to this trip, and in doing so have blessed us parents by leading and guiding our children as they said “yes” to God too. No words can explain the gratitude that I have towards you 🙂 Safe travels – may God continue to bless you as you head towards debrief!

  4. this is Esther’s dad.Just happy to hear the updates -does indeed sound like the experience of a lifetime – and we certainly look forward to seeing you all soon. Very thankful to all the leaders and counsellors for keepig our kids safe and of course we are very proud of our children . Hurry home .Blessings -Hi Essie -Dad

  5. Susan Smouse (Hannah's Mom)

    We are blessed to have another post! Thank you for taking the time in between tours to keep us updated. Praying for safe travels and many more opportunities to share the Good News!

  6. So happy to hear all is well. Praying for safe travel and happy adventures. Can’t wait to hear about it, and am missing you so much.
    A special Thank-you to the leaders for their love and devotion all summer. You are an amazing group of people and I thank you for giving our kids your time, wisdom and guidance. I wish I could meet each of you and express my gratitude.

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