Zambia Bridge-11021

11021-zam-bridgeWe completed the bridge and will send some pictures later.  I did not get the completed pictures as they were taken with some team member cameras.  After completion, we began organizing the team, cleaning, kitchen inventory and cleaning the tent area. We had some emotional time with villagers and the children. There were tears and a lot more giving of our extra clothes and other incidentals. We were able to leave some supplies with the pastor and also items needed for bridge maintenance. We packed the truck and left our second home at about noon on Wednesday, August 3, 2011. We asked the orphans and village children not to run after the truck as there were already enough tears being shed. The hearts of the team and the children were bonded and the departure was a hard tearing apart of this bond. We will all remember this time, and are saddened that we were not able to stay just another day. The team had some good time ministering to the orphans and children while we remained with them. Guys have completed their GGs and the girls are not far behind.  It was a joyous and wonderful time, and a spiritual awakening for some and a spiritual growth for others.  I am sure they will holds these memories dear for the rest of their lives.
Weather: It was warm and sunny when we arrived in Ndola and the evening was very mild.  However, the morning was COLD and wet.


  1. Thanks, for the report. Leaders, thanks for everything you have done. God
    Bless you. Enjoy debrief. May you all have a safe journey home.
    Katie, we are waiting for you. Love Mom

  2. Praise God that He used you all. Can’t wait to hear from our lovely Amy Ann. We are praying you all have a safe trip home. Missing you love, from your parents in Texas

  3. I thank God for the completion of your bridge mission! I alos thank Him for the blessings of spiritual growth and awakening there is nothing that can compare to growing in the Lord. I pray everyone is still well and your travels home will be blessed and safe. I say hi to all and especially to you JP. Cathyrn JP’s Mom

  4. What a blessing you guys have been to the people in Zambia! And what a blessing you have been to each other. I know this next week will be tough. We thank the Lord for this opportunity for all of you to have been together, and may He give you the strength to get through these next few emotional days in a way that will bring Him even more glory.

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