11026-zimbabweGreetings from Zimbabwe! It is a beautiful sunny, warm day here! What gorgeous weather! We returned last night from Victoria Falls around 11pm. The journey was long and exhausting. We left Monday morning at 7am, and arrived in Victoria Falls around 6pm. When making a quick stop in Bulawayo, we picked up the owner of the bus and his niece, who then rode with us to and from Victoria Falls, taking up two valuable seats in our bus. We found a good hotel, and Suzanne negotiated prices with the manager saving the team $20 per room. The team had a great night’s sleep, enjoyed an amazing continental breakfast (which we learned does not include seconds. When some of the girls asked for more muffins, the attendant replied, “It is finished.” We laughed at that=) and headed to the falls. Upon arriving, we spent some time bartering with some locals who were selling goods. Our best team member barterer was our 14 yr old Taylor. We laughed as the other team members then asked Taylor to come help them buy some souvenirs. After we finished buying souvenirs, we placed our purchases in the bus, and headed to Vic Falls. To our team’s delight, we encountered several leveret Monkeys at the gate! Some people were throwing bread and food to the monkeys, and some of our girl’s got to feed them as well. We also took pictures of a sweet baby monkey who was sucking on a lollipop. The tour through the falls was absolutely amazing. Try as we may to get pictures that encaptured the beauty, nothing came close. We continue to be in awe of our amazing Creator and the master pieces He’s created for us. Praise songs ran through the girls’ heads throughout the duration of the tour.
“You made the mountains and the seas. Scattered out the universe and You made me…and who I am? That You are mindful of me? And who am I? That you set your sights on me? You’re my Creator King.”

After our tour, we made a quick trip to a local grocery store, got some items for lunch, and loaded back into the bus. We made pb&js on the bus, each person enjoyed a granny smith apple, and we passed around our giant bag of short bread cookies. We also made a quick stop on the way home to pick up a cage of a dozen live chickens, which sat in the front of the bus with us. The girls joke that our team’s bonded through out our crazy squished rides together. We’ve all but eliminated the term “personal space” from our vocabulary, and those who came with claustrophobia have long gotten over it. Despite disappointments, riding for hours in cramped quarters, our girls continued to laugh and giggle the whole ride home. We laughed at Annie’s chicken, and when Amy suggested a good game of “Hot Chicken” (hot potato) we burst into laughter. We finally arrived home back at base, and gathered in a circle thanking the Lord for His provisions and safe arrival back.

As we prepare to leave on Sunday, we will be cleaning up our quarters here on base, cooking and packing food for travel, doing one last presentation, and cherishing our last few days with the Zimbabwe staff members. Our entire team has deeply bonded with the Zimbabwe staff and their children. Never have we met such loving and welcoming people. Despite having little material possessions, the staff continues to work tirelessly to help others in need and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. We continue to be humbled by their amazing attitudes and strive to match their hard working spirits. As always, it’s a great day here in Zimbabwe.

Alyssa: I could not stop praising God as I looked at the falls. They were beautiful and breath taking and praise songs kept running through my head.
Micayla: They were really beautiful.
Amy: I was just glad we could be with the team, and enjoy the time we spent together. I really loved the falls, and the mist was so cool. It was so beautiful.
Hannah: It was an interesting trip, bartering was definitely a new experience.



  1. Precious memories!

  2. Thank you Beth for these wonderful updates! They are more than likely very time consuming, but priceless and very much appreciated by those left behind! Praying for the team as they prepare to return home. So proud and blessed by you girls!

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