11026-zimbabweDue to the Zimbabwe Airlines pilot strike, the team will now be busing to Lusaka, Zambia. Here is their flight schedule:

August 8 Kenya Airways #720 LUSAKA/Nairobi 12:20 AM 6:10 AM

August 8 Kenya Airways #102 Nairobi/London 11:45 PM 6:45 AM

August 9 American #57 London/Miami 9:50 AM 2:15 PM
August 9 American #1990 Miami/Orlando 5:05 PM 6:05 PM


  1. Cheryl (Chels's Mom)

    We are noticing that Flight 720 out of Lusaka is no longer on the Kenya Airways flight list…do you happen to know the new flight number?

  2. Brent (Taylor's Dad)

    Hi Beth, Do you know when the team will be leaving to start the bus trip into Zambia? (Thank you for all you do sharing this info with us.)

    Team Zimbabwe -> We love you, think you are awesome and are praying you all the way home. Finish Strong, God has this!

  3. There is a need for flexibility in such storms of this life, like the weeping willow! The STRONG appearing oak will often be toppled in the storm, where as, the willow gives and takes amidst the stress, gracefully! Praying for safety and continued joy and comrade as you progress onward. God is in it ALL and that is all the grace you need!

  4. Praying for you guys!

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