11013-ecuadorThis is our final report from Ecuador. We will be leaving for the Equator in about an hour, and we are finding it hard to believe that our summer in Latacunga, Ecuador, is already coming to an end. The team members have been a huge blessing, and it is awesome how they’ve grown in the Lord. For our last update, each team member and leader will be sharing a brief testimony. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and support. We look forward to seeing our family and friends and sharing with all of you what the Lord has done in our lives this summer. Please continue praying for us as we travel and go through debrief.


Jessica – This summer has been a blessing. Working in the kitchen with Mary has been enjoyable. I have enjoyed seeing the team work hard, grow close to each other, but most importantly grow closer to God. This has definitely been a God-filled summer.

Mike – I an truly amazed at how much work we as a team where able to accomplish this summer. Even though we had never done this type of work before, God enabled us pull together and build a second story apartment.

Brant & Mary- What a blessing it has been to have 13 teenagers be a part of our lives this summer. God has given us a new family, that’s for sure. We’re so proud of the work they’ve accomplished and how the Lord has changed them this summer. We love them and will truly miss each of them as we go back to our homes, but we look forward to see how the Lord will be using them as they continue to grow each and everyday.

Team members:

Rachael- Hands down this has been a life-altering experience. This trip made me definitely appreciate the little things in life (hot and consistent flowing showers). My team, leaders and Ecuadorians will be imprinted on my heart forever.

Hannah- This summer has been unlike any other. I have learned life-long lessongs and made friendships that will hopefully last as long. I’m so grateful for the opportunity I have had to impact the lives of others. This experience has been unforgettable.

Kiri- This has been an amazing summer. I have made so many friends and grown closer to God. My team is amazing and I will miss them.

Cindy- I have changed so much in these two months! Through my rocky start, I finally saw Jesus at the end of the tunnel. An amazing experience hands down!

Brianna-  My favorite experience would be the people. They are so friendly and get along with us well.

Kristen- This summer has been an amazing experience from Boot Camp, to meeting so many new people, to so many new friendships. This is one great experience that I will never forget.

Christian- This summer I have learned that no matter who you are, if you work together, you can accomplish anything!

David-  This summer is the best summer of my life. I met new people and now we are really close friends. We are like a big huge family. We always got to God when we are mad. We learned that whatever comes our way, we can accomplish anything if we trust in God and each other.

Rush-  This summer has been and will be a great influence on my life. Surrounding myself with Christian people and morals have helped me a lot. This summer has helped me grow more bold for Christ in many different ways. It has broken many bad habits and I’m sure it will bring some good ones.

Jeremy-  This summer has changed my life in a good way that will be a great influence in my life. Meeting new Christian friends that I could have the rest of my life and trust has helped me a lot.

James- It is because of this experience with TMI that I have become born again through Christ. I have learned what it truly means to be a servant of the Lord, many times the hard way, but mostly because of the example that my leaders have been to me and every other team member. I thank the Lord for placing them in my life and in everyone else’s lives. I will miss them dearly when I get home.

Victoria-  My summer has been so amazing! I feel like I have been changed in many ways. I think that I have made a big impact on many people’s lives and also, blessed many people with a smile on my face and my Christ-like attitude.

Katerina-  This summer has changed my life. I have learned to appreciate what I have, and have realized how blessed I am. I am so glad that God gave me the chance to get to know many of the people in Ecuador and have been changed from the relationships I have made. I praise God for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. Thank you Teen Missions!



  1. My hope for u guys is that u remember this summer for the rest of your life. I know I will.

  2. It was great to read all of the testimonies! God has really blessed each and everyone of you. I was glad to get the news letters from your team, they were very inspiring. Hopefully you all will be able to stay intouch with each other. I pray that you all will have a safe trip back home. God Bless each and everyone of you.

  3. Ashleigh Knowlton

    What a blessing to read each testimony! To say we are proud of Team Ecuador would be an understatement! So excited to see Brant and Mary’s family and Cindy and Kristen next week! 🙂

  4. I will be praying for the team members as they reach there homes. I have enjoyed reading all testimonies. I know that all team members have much to tell when they get home. I can’t wait until I see my family members to see what the Lord has done for them this summer. As a former team member I know this was an AWESOME experence.

  5. Praise the Lord for all this team has done and praying for safe travels home. What a blessing to read the testimonies of each. Love them all.

  6. It has been a blessing following this team in prayer and, finally reading their testimonies. I’ve grown to love them all. Can’t wait to see Kristen, Cindy, and Mary and Brant with their family. Can’t wait to hear Allison sing again. Praying for safe travels.

  7. Enjoyed reading all the testimonies! God is faithful! Can’t wait to see Brant and Mary (and kids) and Cindy and Kristen when y’all get home! Love you!

  8. God has truly blessed you all in an amazing way. I am so proud of all you have accomplished!!

  9. It doesn’t get any better than this! The testimonies of the team members and leaders are awesome. God is so good and I praise Him for His goodness and mercy for Team Ecuador. As a parent and grandparent of the Lanes, it has been sustaining and rewarding to read about the progress the team has made this summer and to see the fruits of their commitment and obedience to His calling.

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