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11018-hope-schoolWe are writing this email with very sad hearts. We just found out that Solomon Nour, our missionary, passed away last night. This is a very fragile team right now. He loved the team and became very close with them. We had our evening devotions last night and he was able to stay and have the team sharing time with us when we shared what we learned this summer and how we have been blessed. His name came up many times. He was able to thank the team (which he did often anyway) and praised them for their work. It happened sometime in the night. He did not show up today and one of the workers went to his house, and found him in bed. This is a big blow to the school as well as the city of Beit Jala and surrounding areas. We are waiting for people to start to arrive here. We leave here in 7 hours and are attempting to pack up.
 The team is very fragile right now and needs prayer. We leave here at midnight and fly at 6 AM.


  1. I write to you from england, as a close friend of solomon’s (or “Sol”, as I called him!!). I heard the news and I have cried and cried ever since. I visited the school 2 years ago & returned in Feb this year. We had the MOST blessed time and he changed my life! I know he changed many many people’s. We are all distraught at the news of his passing – I told him on Tuesday night to rest & take care but he used to tell me “this is my life”. He knew what he meant to the people who loved him the most and he spoke so well of your team – he siad “Elaine, you will not believe what we have achieved” – he told me of the new fence & the classrooms painted and the furniture mended! Well done to all of you. He used to say to me when I was sad “keep your head up and be strong”. He told me that he took you all to his church – that would make him very pleased – he loved his church! It was very different in tradition to our “western” church life BUT one thing I learned from him was that our faith is not rooted in going to church, it is rather about living out a relationship with Jesus. I am sure that is what he did – he told me once that every day before he left the house he made the sign of the cross before he left his door – as a symbolic act to express that he was about God’s work!!! WHAT AN AMAZING MAN – and an amazing friend he was. His picture smiles out at me from my computer and my heart breaks with the pain of knowing I will have to wait to see him again.His funeral took place yesterday and his family grieve. The news will be shared around the world and the impact felt far and wide – such was this man’s influence!! Hope you do not mind me contributing – I was grateful from the sidelines for all you were doing there – and I know he will have died very contented at all that had been done. God bless you all – it must have been an awful end to a lovely, blessed time!

  2. Keeping the team and its leaders in prayer as well as Solomon’s family, the school, and the community.

  3. Melissa Nicholas

    oh my word, on packout night? that must be awful. I’m praying for Beit Jala and the Hope School Team.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Solomon, he will be missed, but oh how I envy him being with out Lord. I am praying souls will be saved as a result of his home going, and the Lord sends someone to carry on the work there. I pray that each person will reflect on this and realize that our time on this earth is short, and we all need to make sure we know where we are going when we pass from here. Stay in the Word, and continue to pray for the work to continue.

  5. Praying for this team and for the family of Solomon Nour. May God’s love enfold everyone as only His peace can fill your hearts.

  6. I am very sorry for your lose. You are in my prayers.

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