11011-peruHola from Peru –  and from Cusco this time! It was a little surreal to say goodbye to Italo and Rebecca and the place we´d called home for three weeks. The reality hit hard when we arrived in Cusco, a city so very different from Puerto Maldonado. We´re enjoying the incredible vistas (breakfast this morning looking out over the city and the mountains!), but of course our lungs are taking a little time to adjust to the altitude.
Yesterday was a busy and full day. We were up early to catch a bus to the train, then had a four hour train ride through the mountains. Our tour guide pointed out Inca ruins, the Inca Trail, and lots of interesting features to us. When we arrived in Aguas Calientes, we took a bus literally up the side of the mountain, switchback after switchback, until we arrived at Machu Picchu. It was AMAZING! We toured around, got to explore all of the terraces and parts of the city, took pictures of a few llamas, and just generally had a great day. After a swift bus ride back down the mountain, we had an opportunity to shop in the bazaar right outside of the train station. A long train ride and bus ride home, and we were all ready to crash into our beds.
Today we look forward to a slightly more relaxing but fun day, being able to go out into the city of Cusco and look around and shop. This morning, when the girls in my room woke up, they said to me, “Tomorrow we´re leaving.  Then, Tomorrow we´ll be back in Florida!” It still seems like there should be much more time left of our summer together! However, as much as we´re sad to be leaving, now that we have left our Home-away-from-home of Puerto Maldonado, I know we´re pretty much ready to head back to our homes and families. We all look forward to seeing our families and loved ones very soon.
Love to you all,
The Peru Team

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