11017-ugandaWhat a great couple of days we have had!! The team arrived safely in Nakabango on Monday night after a long journey from Koboko. Tuesday we spent the day resting and regrouping at the Teen Missions base near Jinja, Uganda. We enjoyed a tour of the beautiful property as well as the nearby Forest Newland Rescue Unit! On Wednesday we had a fun day of sighting seeing as we went and say the source of the Nile River by boat. We saw several beautiful birds as well as the official starting point of the Nile River. After the tour we headed into Jinja and enjoyed a much anticiapted american meal. Then the team went and bout various souveniers for those at home. It was such a fun day and God again blessed us with much safety! On Thursday we packed out and prepared for our journey home as well as making another last minute shopping trip for some forgotten items. The team left this morning at 3:45am for the airport and we arrived on time and everyone was checked in by 7:30am. The team is now on their way home via their overnight stay in London. God is so good! 🙂


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