Chile/Peru Last Report-11010

11010-chileHello! All is well here in Peru. Sara just laid the last brick about 30 minutes ago! They are so proud of the progress that has been made. We will be mixing concrete this afternoon to pour more columns. Tomorrow is pack-out day and the feeling is bittersweet. We all miss family, but it truly will be hard to leave these precious people!
They are having a special farewell service for the team Wednesday night and we know from last year that this will be an emotional time. Please pray for the team and the Peruvians!
We have learned much this summer and continue to be blessed by the transparency of the team  members as they open up to the group during devos. The spiritual maturity of the advice and encouragement being given is truly amazing!
Please remember as your kids are coming home that they will be dealing with culture shock returning to America and greatly missing their team. Encourage them and give them time to just rest! Thank you again and again for allowing us to be part of their lives this summer! Brian and I will greatly miss this wonderful group of kids, who have become young men and women of God!

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