11020-australiaThis is probably the final report from our team because tomorrow they start their long flight back to Debrief. We are proud to say that the team is finishing strong here and we are just enjoying the last few days together. We have been blessed with a group that get along very well and enjoy each others company. The unity has been a major prayer request this summer and it is to God`s glory that we see these results. They were very diligent in the last two work days getting above and beyond accomplished around here at the TMIA base. They also had a fun day out at the Australia Zoo on Friday and then yesterday we attended a very friendly church that gave us a morning tea and then lunch after the service. The team presented for them and both our male assistant leaders, Josh and Todd, shared a word. It was a real blessing for both us and the congregation. I know they are all anxious to get home and I believe that the families will really witness much growth in the lives of each one of our members. Thanks again for the prayers this summer. God has been so good and this team has been such a great blessing to all they came in contact with.



  1. thats awsome!!!!!!!!!

  2. i hope you all are safe

  3. Dear Georgia W – sounds like you all were a wonderful group together bringing Christ’s arms and legs to everyone where you went. Can’t wait to see you. I know you are anxious to get home and debrief! Praying always, the Dennistons

  4. Thank you for the update….prayers are with you all for safe travels and witnessing; Georgia B I am looking forward to seeing you and hearing what God has done in your life as well.

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