11024-cameroonHello from Cameroon! The team got the Guest House safe and sound on Saturday night after a 12 hour bus ride. Four of the hours were spent on the side of the road due to problem with the bus. Finally a new bus was sent and we were on our way! We praise God for the safety that He gave us as we traveled. Sunday, the team got some much needed rest after over two weeks in the African bush—a real bed felt so nice! All the team members said their final verse review and were very proud that they had memorized the 40 verses. Today we are all going shopping in town and then packing up to head for Paris. It will be tearful good-bye as we say good-bye to Cameroon. Please keep us in your prayers as we begin our journey home.(to our kids parents) All of the team members are healthy and excited to be headed home. Thank you for all of your prayers over summer God has done some amazing things through this team.



  1. we will be praying for all of you to have a great trip home . look forward to saying welcome home to all of you.

  2. Brad and Susan Strickland

    So glad your on your way home. Can’t wait to see my boy and hear the stories. Hope ya’ll have a great time in Paris. Travel mercies upon you and travel safe…

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