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11028-hondurasWe have been through so much as a team and as a family, but God has come on top once again. The people were impacted by us being there and building a new school and providing a new beginning for their town, La Mosquitia. The people have changed our hearts and we will never forget what they have taught us and they shall be forever in our hearts. We might have gone there to build a achool and preach the gospel and impact their lives, but we in turn have been impacted and blessed. There were many tears shed from saying goodbye to the La Mosquitia people and some team members and leaders have been so impacted by these people they feel God leading them back.  As a team or family, the best time was evening devotions. We sang songs and each night one teen member would tell what God has been doing in their lives, but the best time would have to be when we worked side-by-side with the La Mosquitia people. We were all focused on one goal, even when we played mud soccer. We left the La Mosquitia village on Wed at 4:00 A.M. and we were in the boats 12 hours that day and 12 hours the next day. We were all amazed by the beauty of Honduras. The boat ride went really smoothly and after that we were driving to do a presentation in a high school in Tegucigalpa and that went really well. Leah Walker gave her testimony and a young girl came up and talked to her about her life because she was so impacted by Leah’s testimony. We did three presentations there at the school. After the presentations, we hung out with the kids while waiting for lunch. We left the school at 5:00 P.M. and not 30 mins into driving, one of the vans broke down and the team was split into two groups. We are together now and we went shopping yesterday and we will be going to the beach for some awesome team time today. We love all of you and will see you in a few days to tell you all that God has done for us and as a whole. God Bless!

Hannah Kirk: Even through the trials and tribulations, we still accomplished God’s work and we are an amazing team. I’m going to miss my new family.

Leigh Anne: First a team, now a family.
Peter Bliven: this trip has been a huge blessing and the team is like a family to me and I love TMI.
Charity Hamilton: No matter how many problems we face and no matter how much we miss home, we will always be a family.
Allison Owens: This trip has been a blessing. I’m so glad God provided. I made 21 new friends.
Alexis Edwards: We’ve been through many trials as a team, but it’s only made us stronger and God has blessed our team in many ways.
Abby Lozano: All quiet on the western front-stop-love you-stop-miss you-stop.
Adalia Bergeron: This has been the most amazing summer of my life! I’m happy to see my family again, but I’m going to miss my team a lot and I hope to come back Honduras and TMI.
Esther Tjoelker: Best summer of my life and I am going to miss my 26 new family members. I miss you a lot. Goodbye.
Lydia Knox: It has been the hardest and the most awesome summer of my life. I have made some life-long friends and I have seen God perform many miracles.
Brooke Dunstan: Best summer ever! The hard times have pulled the team together and made a family I will never forget and I miss my friends family and dog. I love ya’ll.
Micah Smith: The things I’ve missed the most on this trip: my mommy’s cooking, grilled cheese with meat, Rufus and Dibbs, and my honey bee and the things I’m going to miss after this trip are my new family and Dre and Kathy’s cooking. Don’t be a noobe.
Rachel Pryor: I can’t wait to see my family, but the memories I made this summer will stay with me forever. Even through my team drives me nuts, I love them as my family now.
John Lee: We can’t pay Jesus back for loving us, so all we have to do is pay it forward.
Leah Walker: My team is now a family. I love you guys. I love you mommy and daddy<3.
Steven Drye: Miss you mom and dad, bromisters love you. Had a great time love the team, my new family, peace out God. Bless see you in a few.
Matthew McWhorter: Love you mom and dad, having a great time and I love my team. See you in a few days.
Darwin Harder: Even though this summer has been tough, I’ve really enjoyed it and learned so much.
Ben Stevens: To all the friends and whanau in New Zealand, the mission has been amazing and I look forward to returning to you all to share how great God has worked. I miss your cooking, mom.
Matthew Elliott: Everything is great! We all miss steak. See you in eight. Can’t wait, God bless!
Kiana De Young: A new family, a new home, God is good and miracles happen 🙂
Caleb Morrisey: TMI, the real place to be, enough said.
Dre Muir: I love this place and I love my team, God and my kids have taught some much since I have been here with them. I love my family back home and my family here.


  1. Hi Beth,
    Do we know if the team arrived safely back home? Also, in Boot Camp there were webcasts of their evening meetings from 7 – 9 p.m. Will this occur during debriefing?

  2. Craig T. Edwards

    The two days of mandated TMI classes are vital. For many of these kids, coming back home will involve some culture shock… go a little easier on them this time at “boot camp” Beth 😉

    • Craig, I am just cooking and there haven’t been any complaints yet! They are in air-conditioned dorms with showers and get to go to the beach, so I wouldn’t consider Debrief anything like Boot Camp except that the policies are still being maintained.

  3. Beth, Thanks so much for all the work you have done so far. It has been a monumental job. I appreciate so much your love and dedication in doing what God entrusted you this summer. As a parent thanks from the bottom of my heart. Your posts were fresh water to me. God Bless you abundantly in somany ways <3 Monica Lozano

  4. Blessed be the name of the Lord! What wonderful news. We serve a great God! May these young people and their leaders be blessed for their service to the King. May Jesus Christ reign in their hearts and in the hearts of the people they touched. May we decrease, so He can increase.

  5. Thanks so much for the direct words from the kids. I really appreciate it. I can “hear” my son in them.

  6. I can’t stop thinking about our Heavenly Father’s Love. If we as humans feel so much for our kids. As Craig said “I have chills!” Can you imagine The Love of our Father in Heaven for us. His Love is Perfect and Eternal.
    “His Love is patient and kind;
    His love does not envy or boast;
    His Love is not arrogant or rude.
    His Love does not insist on its own way;
    His Love is not irritable or resentful;
    His Love does not rejoice at wrongdoing,
    His Love rejoices with the truth.
    His Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. His Love never ends.

    I am so Happy to be loved by my Heavenly Father this wonderful way =) I am so Happy He loves my kids this awesome way and my Father takes care of my kids better than I ever could.

  7. Thank you for such a detailed report. I agree with Craig, it gave me chills. I hope the team has a much deserved blast at the beach:)

  8. Craig T. Edwards

    I have chills!

  9. Thank you so much for that update/report!

  10. Just in case that my Abby reads this.
    10-4 stop can’t wait for you to 10-7a stop we have a lot 10-36 to talk about stop God Bless

  11. This is awesome. Thanks be to God. What a report =)

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