Wow… where did the summer go? Our time in Indiana is coming to a close and we will miss the friends and cherish the experiences we’ve encountered while here. We, through God’s power, boldly shared the gospel at 10 county fairs in Illinois, Kentucky and Indiana. We conducted 1,580 surveys (there was often more than one person listening) and we recorded 268 decisions for Christ. Thousands more seeds were planted through other conversations and the tracts we shared with those unwilling to stop to talk. There

were hundreds of other deep conversations where people were visibly concerned about eternity yet were unwilling to make a decision for Christ. Please pray that they will be reminded of the truth of God’s word that they heard.

This is our last night in Indiana at TTT. In the morning, we plan to travel to St. Louis for a Sunday

morning presentation at Zion City Church and with their youth group in the evening. On Monday we plan to see the St. Louis Arch and visit Hannibal… then on Tuesday we plan to begin heading south stopping in Atlanta before continuing to Florida on Wednesday. We appreciate your prayers for traveling safety.

Here are a few short lines from each of the members of our team:

From Hanna
This summer was a really humbling experience. It really makes you feel privileged  to be able to go out and share your faith with others who don’t know, don’t care , don’t understand, or are just simply lost in the ways of the world. People were amazed at the impact that teenagers were making but really it was the Lord because  Christ through us can change the world, without Him we are nothing.

From Maggie
This summer has been an amazing experience. I’ve learned a lot about God and also about myself. It has also been great being around such awesome team members and leaders. Soli deo Gloria!

From Makayla
This summer I have learned a lot. How to control my mouth, not to do it just because a leader told me to. I have really learned to not take what people say in such a rude way because if I react over it, it makes things

worse than just moving on and being friends. It is just really cool to see how the Lord shows you and works in you in ways you would never think. Hi Mommy & Daddy  I love you!

From Selena
Well today is the last full day here. As I sit here I look back on the journey I traveled. I learned that God will always be here for me no matter what. I also have grown up quite a bit and have become more mature.


My walk with the Lord was strengthened through the circumstances I had to face. I learned to lean on him instead of men because men will lead you astray but God never will. This summer was truly amazing. I never thought I would have the privilege to share the gospel of Christ. God used me in amazing ways… Now I know that God can use anyone even a person like me.

From Clare
Okay, so the big question, What did I learn this summer? Hmmm, Okay, I learned that God is bigger than Boot Camp. I learned that God’s grace is sufficient for blisters, heat rash, knee pain, mosquitoes and spending 2 days in a bus with hyper, over-tired, caffeinated teenagers. I learned to let God take anything out of me that’s undesirable and that I’m much happier once He does. I learned that loving people is what

God wants me to do, and that it’s hard, but possible. I learned to give God complete control, but I have a feeling it’s a lesson that’ll take the rest of my life to perfect… but His grace is sufficient.  God Bless

From Stephen
I’ve learne

d this year how much God loves unbelievers as well as believers. God really blessed me with a small part of this love. I have really enjoyed sharing the gospel with the people that need it and I am praying that God will continue to give me this passion for Him when I return.

From Arland
This summer the Lord showed me that he is always in charge of my life. He also showed me to depend on him even though things are not going the way you wanted them to be.

From MarquisThe Lord showed me at Boot Camp to trust Him and not myself…also  not to put others 1st before Him. I’ve learned to share the gospel about Him and He changed my life completely around at the fairs and at Boot Camp.

From WestonI have seen God working in many ways this summer. He has been working in my life and drawing me closer to Him. He has also helped me to be much more bold and courageous to share his word. I have seen Him working in the lives of people throughout the fairs we went to and many accepted Him as their savior. This has been am amazing

experience and I am glad to have gone to TMI this summer. God Bless!!

From Wynne
This summer was a time of incredible growth in my relationship with God. I learned to trust in him no matter what the circumstances… It was also great to see God at work during our ministry at the fairs. Praise the Lord for this great summer.

From Jeremy
This summer has really caused me to take a step back and look at the world in a different perspective… one that is beyond my own sight and to instead look at it with God’s eyes. It is sad how far off the world is from God’s will. I’ve come to see how great the need is for the gospel right here in the States.


From Joy
This summer has shown has shown me how much I have grown in the last few years and how much I have left to grow! It was amazing to see how much God is in control and I learned to let the peace of God rule in my life.

From Jake
The summer was harder than I expected but more rewarding than I thought it would be as well. I enjoyed discipling the kids and sharing the gospel… seeing the guys and gals mature and grow spiritually.

From the Petersens
We have been blessed beyond belief and are grateful to the Lord for many things. We are thankful for all of you

who have faithfully prayed for us all summer for safety, health and anointing on our outreaches. It has been an honor to serve these teens this summer and they have grown a lot in many areas. Thank you TTT for the awesome hospitality during our stay and to all of the Tigers (TTT teens) for their partnership in sharing the gospel. We will always be great fans of each teen and look forward to see how God uses each one in His service in the future. To God be ALL the glory!!

The photo below is of our team with the TTT president George Dooms and the TTT Tigers on Friday before going out for our last ‘Fair Share’



  1. What an awesome God we serve! How wonderful He is to teach and change each of you more into His image, even as you are sharing His Son with others. Clare, the house isn’t the same without you 🙂 May God bless each day, but I’m so excited to be having you home soon!
    Clare’s MOM

  2. I thank God for all that he’s doing and has done for the Indiana Drama Team. I’m so excited and proud about the successes that will have eternal value. A special thanks to all the leaders who have committed that time and attention to our loved ones. I know the Lord will continue the work he’s begun this summer. Selena see ya on Sunday afternoon. Love you Z – Mom

  3. What a wonderful praise report! Your lives will never be the same after this experience you shared over the summer as a team. Thank you to the leaders for taking great care of our kids. Now, I am ready to see my girl again. Cannot wait until Sat. night!!!! Love you, Maggie Marie!

  4. Fantastic news from Fantastic kids! I know that each of them has been impacted by God and that they will always remember this journey with Him leading.
    Maggie, we are so proud of you and know that God has great plans for your life.
    Grandpa and I have prayed for you and your Team every day (many times a day!).
    You will get rewards in Heaven!
    Have a safe trip and we’ll see you soon.
    Love, Gram and Grandpa

  5. Hannah’s grandma
    praying for you and want to hear all about your mission trip and what the Lord is doing in your life and the life of all you touch!! LOVE YOU Grandma and Pap Pap

  6. Our prayers are with you as you travel. Looking forward to seeing you on Sunday. Love Mom and Dad

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