11011-peru-funHello! Just thought we would send you a quick update for the website to give parents some information on what we are doing while we wait to fly.

Thank you all so much for your prayers! As you probably know by now, we have flights home and all of us will be able to travel together from Cusco to Miami. It is amazing how God works. Everyone here is staying in good spirits. Once we knew what our flight times were we sat down to create a Peru Debrief schedule. The teens are getting condensed versions of the classes they would get in Florida, we are doing quizzing, some forced fun time, and yes, there will even be a banquet tonight! God´s favor has been so evident during our time here. The staff at the hostel are being so accomodating and have even turned off the TV and music for us. They have repeatedly expressed amazement and how well behaved all the teens are. Parents, you have clearly done a wonderful job raising your kids to be respectful and a good witness. Two of the kids have shared verses with the team that show their maturity in handling the situation and I would like to share them  with you. Chloe shared James 4:15 “For that ye [ought] to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that” and Emily shared Philippians 2:14-15 “Do all things without murmurings and disputings:That ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of God, without rebuke, in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as lights in the world;” Thank you again for your prayers! We will see you soon!
-Christin Grieser


  1. Karen Richardson

    This is where people confuse our words and where the typed word can sound different than its intent. We parents don’t have the benefit of your “personal experience” Most of the parents on this team have never had experience with TMI, this is their first. Generally, if someone tells you, we will have an update for you in the morning, you will expect an update in the morning. That is a reasonable expectation. TMI expects things from us, we expect things from them. It is understandable that Beth needed to leave town, but it is not understandable that no one took her place, when there are 22 families that now have no idea what city their kids are in, and when there is a possibility of resolution for the problem. While we were all operating in the time frame of the plan, we were willing and able to wait, once TMI decided not to keep us, the parents, in the loop with a simple update online, that is when parents began voicing their concerns. I may have seemed unwarrented to you, but our children were somewhere in Peru, TMI knew where they were, what they were planning and also that they had to wait until Monday to try to get new tickets. That could have eased our minds considerably if they had posted this info as soon as it was available, again I know Beth was out of town, but there are other people working there and it would only have then required one person to compose an email and post it on their site. 10 minutes tops, instead we were left hanging and that only invited at the least 22 calls to TMI for information. Trust is a
    two-way street. Also, we were not worried about the kids safety, that truly was a given, but they are now operating on a different plan and we are the parents that need to be informed. The “power of prayer” could have been more effectively utilized if we the parents had known what to pray for our team, the leaders, TMI and the plans they were making. Please don’t chastise us for being parents and taking our responsibility for that job seriously.

  2. As a former leader I was stunned to read some parent comments demanding information. Personal experience provides me with so much confidence in the TMI home office staff and their ability to resolve problems such as this. A missed flight certainly does not endanger team members. Phone calls and messages demanding information at this point in the team’s experience seemed unwarranted. Sorry parents, the leaders and staff want what’s best for your teens too! Prayer is an amazing thing! I’m not wanting to sound critical of parents, just reminding them of the power of prayer & of the trust they had for as number of weeks now! : )

  3. I would like to thank TMI and the Peru Team Leaders for all they have done and continue to do to take care of our kids. My wife and I have been on several missions trips to Haiti and it never goes as planned. We went into this knowing that it was all in God’s hands and as hard as it is sometimes to wait and not know, we have continued to pray for His will through all of this.Thank you all for your prayers and thank you TMI, the Peru Leaders, and the Peru team for standing firm in Christ and doing all that you can do through these last few months!

  4. Karen Hartsfield

    Beth–I agree that phone calls weren’t something that could or should have been done. But, a quick update on the site…along the lines of what we rec’d on Saturday was what I was expecting esp. since the Saturday message indicated an update would follow on Sunday morning.

    • Karen, Again, I apologize. I was taking my daughter to college in TN. We left at 4AM on Sunday and returned at 1AM this morning. I am the one doing the posting, so it is my fault.

  5. Karen Hartsfield

    On Saturday evening, parents were told to expect an update the following morning. When morning came and went, I called TMI mid-afternoon on Sunday and learned 1) the reason for the missed flight; 2) that the kids were in a hostel and not at the airport; and 3) that until the travel agency opened on Monday, there would be little more information about next steps. None of that was officially communicated to parents, and there was no official communication about status until Monday afternoon. I was never worried about the kids or their safety but when there was clearly information to share (as evidenced by my phone call and the good info I rec’d and in turn shared with other parents), I think a post-event discussion on how that info could have been more universally and timely shared is a good one and doesn’t detract from the good efforts that eveyone has made to get the kids home. And, I certainly don’t think it’s a referendum on faith to want more information when it’s available.

    • Karen, I agree. However, there is very limited staff and to make a set of phone calls to all the parents and to have to turn around and do the same thing again a few hours or a day later is not always feasible. We wanted to have all the information, including the confirmed flights, before we made the phone calls. If that was a mistake, we are sorry, but we are trying to get a lot done with very few people, including running a debrief, continuing to post reports and following up on phone calls and emails from parents from other teams.

  6. Sorry, Beth. Didn’t know you were gone. We weren’t trying to be negative, just concerned with the slow communication. But, like you said, you were gone, so now we know.

  7. Sorry Beth. My comment wasn’t for you. It’s for the leaders that didn’t send it sooner so the parents wouldn’t worry about their kids. It would have been the considerate thing for them to do. Please send the comment to Christin G. when she gets to boot camp. Thank you.

    • Debbie, I am not sure about the email communication capabilities where they were located, so I can’t pass any judgment on their communication. I do know they were scrambling trying to figure out a way to get the team out. Things do run “slower” down there. I was in Iceland several years ago and we had internet where we were located. I had sent several emails concerning the team and none were received here in the office. The only “proof” was my “sent” box. The only hint I had that the emails were not be received was that I was not getting an answer to any of my questions.

  8. Jennifer Stewart

    Beth – I have been praying for the Peru team since I read about the hiccup in their travel plans, and it is good to be reminded once again, that God is good, and in control. I am glad that you have the capabilities to update such a large audience so that we can all have the privilege to pray for these teens as they come back home – it looks like some of the parents will be able to learn a thing or two from the verses that Chloe and Emily shared in the update…..

  9. Karen Richardson

    This is the kind of communication that could have helped the parents through the weekend.

  10. This is great to hear!! 🙂 But seriously, why didn’t you send us parents info. on what you were doing on Sat., Sunday, and Monday, when we were upset about the missed flight and dying to know what the team was doing then? It would have saved TMI the hassles of the phone calls that some of the parents made to them inquiring about their kids. And it would have given all of the parents some peace of mind.

    • Debbie, They sent it on Sunday, but I was away taking my daughter to college. I checked emails late Saturday night before I left and it was not there.

  11. Thanks so much for posting this. What an amazing and wonderful summer they’re having.

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