Florida Free BMW Training Center

Meet some of the staff and students of Florida Free BIBLE MISSIONARAY & WORK Training Center and learn how you can receive quality classes and practical experience alongside seasoned full-time missionaries… all for FREE!



  1. My husband is a youth pastor at our church we worship at and I think he would really be interested in your program can you please send me some information about your program? Thank you and God bless!!

  2. Hi, My name is Alexis Moore and I am very interested in becoming a part of BMW. I will be a senior in highschool next year. I have attended 2 years with Teen Missions. I spent one summer in Indiana and one summer in South Africa. I was wondering what else I have to do to be able to be considered for school with BMW.

    Thank you,

    Alexis Moore

    • Alexis, If you go to our website (about half-way down on the left), you will see an ad for BMW. You can click on that and apply online.

  3. ,i need to come bmw in america,what can i do

  4. I would love to be one of the young missionary in Teen Missionary and will be fully dedicated

  5. I would like to be a missionary get introduced to all that is happening in Teen Missions and get involved very much and make a difference


  7. am a person who had to serve God as a missionary, in Uganda

  8. Ilove to be amissionary

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