Chale, Dave and Janet (Fall 2011)

Greetings from the warm heart of Africa; Malawi!

2011 has marked a great difference in our lives. Janet and I have had an opportunity to encounter new and amazing experiences. A large group of people have impacted our lives and made a big difference. We want to acknowledge all of you who have been a blessing to us. May God bless you all.

2011 Malawi Boat Team

Some of you may have been curious as to our whereabouts since June. We haven’t been able to update you regularly, because of circumstances beyond our control. Let me start by jumping back to what happened in April.

Some of you are aware that we got an invitation from our founding Director of Teen Missions International to go to the USA and be a part of the Boot Camp there. We were scheduled to lead a team of young Americans and Canadians that were coming to Malawi to help construct the Chiyao BiBle, Missionary & Work (BMW) Training Center buildings. The process to get the passports and US visa were not simple, but your prayers helped us. In the last week of April we made it to the USA.

Our visit made us realize that God is the same wherever you go. We were amazed by the love that many people showed us. Many families invited us for meals and shared their deep love with us. We were amazed how many people shared with us material gifts. We have an endless list of families and individuals who blessed our lives greatly. Thank you for encouraging us so much.

While we were in the USA we had an opportunity to be part of the team, which went up to Harrisburg, PA. The team put together the Old Testament Tabernacle replica, which is a ministry of Teen Missions. The work demanded strong muscles, and praise the Lord that He provided. We were so excited to meet new friends there. We also want to recognize the families that hosted us while we were there. May God bless you abundantly. Specifically I would like to thank the Myres family in Chambersburg for giving us your amazing love. We will remember you forever.

We also want to thank the Dublin Bible Church for giving us an opportunity to share our ministry with them. We are also so thankful to the families that hosted us and provided for all our needs. We also are thankful to the Central Community Church in Cocoa, Florida for twice letting us be part of your body. You made us feel at home.

Staff House Under Construction

The Findley family cheered us up all the time. You brought us into your family and provided for all our needs. When we were there we did not miss our family, because you were there as our family. We have an endless list of those who deserve a word of thanks from us. May God bless.

By June 29th we were back here in Malawi with a team of 17 young Americans as well as two assistant leaders. It was a great blessing to have them here at the Mangochi base to help with the construction of the Chiyao BMW classroom. They worked very hard in pouring the concrete floor, plus putting up the fence around the vegetable garden.

It was amazing to see them doing the work diligantly everyday of their time here. The team had several opportunities to share presentations in different churches, plus some villages where we were able to go. We saw a considerable number of people coming to know Jesus as their personal Saviour for the first time.

The team flew back to the US on July 27th. Janet and I thought that it was over for us, but guess what? We realized that we had another team from Malawi Boot Camp, which needed us to be leaders and bring it back to Mangochi to continue with the project on the Chiyao BMW. We were excited to be part of this team, knowing that at the end it is us who are benefiting from the progress of the project. The team did a lot of work raising up the walls of the classroom and the staff house. It is currently at the level where we need to pour the lintel and cap beams. The team worked hard everyday they were here. The team had several chances to go for open-air outreaches and door-to-door outreach. It was not easy, considering that we are in an area where almost everybody is a Muslim. Door to door outreach was more difficult for the team members who were mostly young kids with only basic knowledge of the Bible, but there was no denying their faith.

Chiyao Bible School Students

Many times I received reports about some families rejecting the Gospel and some groups were challenged by very strong Muslims who were resistant to the Gospel. They had many questions about the deity of Christ, but they were not open to change.

It is a praise that at the end of three weeks of ministry there were 28 people who came to know Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. It is now up to the Chiyao BMW students to follow up with all these people and help them grow in Christ. This is not an easy task here in Mangochi. We were done with the team on August 31st and right away left for 12 days of vacation. We were able to visit our families and be a part of the wedding of my first-born nephew. It was exciting to see almost everyone in my extended family.

We are currently back in Mangochi with nine students. I have five new students, plus four from last year. This week we are focusing on continuing with the work of building. We are raising up the walls of the kitchen, storage, and office. Next week, on Monday, September 19, we will start classes for the Bible school.

We thank the Lord for your prayers for us and all that He is doing for us here. We are only who we are because of your prayers. Thank you very much to all those who have joined hands with us in giving us financial support. May God bless you abundantly for that.

We also want to appeal to all of you to continue praying for us. Everyday we realize that prayer is more vital than anything else here. The enemy does not want us to be here, he wants us destroyed. Everyday we are seeing the hand of God shielding us.

We also want to ask for more financial support. Our finances are still low, making it difficult for us to meet our needs. The cost of many things has gone sky high, because of the economic difficulties the country is going through. The tax on most necessities is very high. My government has made it very hard for those who are less privileged. Please don’t ever forget that we love you and you are in our prayers.

Praises: 1) Progress on the Chiyao BMW construction 2) Growth of the school from 5 to 9 students 3) Privilege to work among Muslims 4) Provision of our daily needs 5) Prayer and financial support

Prayer requests: 1) Safety as we work on the building 2) More prayer and financial supporters 3) More passion for the lost souls 4) Softened hearts ready to receive the Gospel 5) Provision for our daily needs

In Christ’s Service, David, Janet and Michael Chale Phil. 4:13



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