Peanut Kids Boot Camp | 7-9 Years Old

Peanuts learn about other countries and cultures, survive camping in a tent, conquer a unique Obstacle Course and learn truths from God’s Word in just 10 days of action packed training at the Lord’s Boot Camp. Teams also perform work and evangelistic projects that make a real difference.


  1. I have a 9 year old daughter who lies and steals little things here and there. She continues to be disrespectful and is out of control. I don’t know what to do anymore. She seems to take all my disciplinary actions as a joke and would like more information for this boot camp.

    1. Lanyka, I am sorry you are having problems with your daughter. At this time, we are not running our Peanut program. You might want to contact a local pastor who may be able to help you.

  2. my daughter is 9 years old she is out of control she does not listen she is always grounded and she does not listen to no one she is disrespectful and rude I don’t know what to do anymore

    1. Jodi, I am so sorry for what you are going through. At this time, we are no longer running the Peanut Program. Please contact a local pastor who should be able to direct you to someone who can help you.

  3. I have a 9 year old who does not listen. I am ready to send him away.. He burned my house down when he was 4 years old. He is a run away. Refuses to listen was kick out of school in kindergarten. Now that he has gotten older he fights with his siblings lie terribly nobody wants him around just the other day he busted a lady window out in her home and tonight he found a knife and bust a older lady tires up… My mom steps and won’t allow me to do what I have to do to my child… She always hollering you have to talk to him.. There is no talking with him. It’s so bad that his father or step father don’t deal with him. Just me and my mom. And I’m passes stressed out. As of tonight he can never in his life go back out side… He got us band from the pool this summer. He’s costing me money for all the things he has been doing.

    1. Audreyanna, I am so sorry about what you are going through. We did not have the Peanut program this summer. If you read the information, it is not a “discipline” Boot Camp for behavior, but training to introduce the kids to mission opportunities. I would suggest you contact a local pastor who can refer you to someone who would be better equipped to help with your son’s behavior.

  4. Hello my daughter is 7 and came from an abusive father background he is dead now n she hits herself yells n cries over her sister looking at her I have tried grounding spanking n even ignoring her but as it happens day after day I am losing my mind I’ve taken her to church but she tells them what they wanna hear I’ve takin her to dr and they put her on adhd meds she goes to a neurosycoligist next month but I dont really want her on meds. What can I do to help her b a happy kid

    1. Kelly, I am sorry for what your family is going through. We are not doing the Peanut Program this year. Our “Boot Camp” is not a discipline-type camp, but a camp to introduce the kids to mission opportunities. I would suggest your contact Focus On The Family. They should have a local agency you could contact.

  5. I have a 7 year old and we just moved about a month ago and he is acting out so bad lies about everything he does even if he is the only kid. It’s so bad that now in school he is darting away from his teacher almost getting hit by cars and when he gets talked to about it he yells at his teacher he doesn’t care. Everytime he gets in trouble he throws this Hugh fit as if he is being beat. He is hitting little girls. He spits on other kids while waiting for the school bus. He looks at me ( step mom) as if I don’t matter. He has told me that I’m only here to make sure he eats and is taken care of til his dad gets home. He blames other people for making him mad is why he a acts up or because he wants attention. We r to the point of not knowing what to do with him. We first thought it was the move but it is just getting worse. We get calls all day long from school and he has gotten refferals to the principal and he doesn’t care. The list goes on his behavior is bad.we need some assistance please.

    1. Nicole, I am so sorry that you are going through this. Please contact a local pastor who can probably refer you to a professional or service who might be able to help him. You might also want to contact Focus On The Family who could refer you to someone locally.


      1. Hey my son is 6yrs old I is very hard he don’t I listen to me or his father as o now I’m writing this I am now having trouble with him he falls out he yelling is so hard to explain teachers at school calls me they tell me I need to take him to a doctor he don’t listen in class or nothng I need he’ll and stay tsp hard to write this about a kid but he’ll I need

        1. Raskisha, I am so sorry for what you are going through. The focus of our Peanut program is to introduce the kids to mission opportunities. Do you have a local pastor who could maybe refer you to someone who might be able to help you during this year.

    1. I have the same problem with my daughter an am out of options and what little sanity I have left remaining and I have asked practically begged for help from 5 churches and got no help of any sort. I guess we are to white and not on drugs and from this country so we are qualified for help from no organization not even a church our home churches at that! Just a single Mom trying to survive on my own and no support of any kind… What am I to do?? I am married to satan and I am tired of his abuse and lies..!!! There’s no way out of hell till I’m dead and even that ain’t promising…

  7. I have 8 year old son he had ADHD he wants to bck talk and try to hit back he just out of control he scares me the way he is I did ever thing I can do is there any way u can help me he getting out of control he act like he grown try act big and bad with me and my mom

      1. Sabrina, Our Boot Camp is not for discipline purposes. The purpose of our program is to introduce children to mission opportunities. Please contact a local pastor or Focus On The Family for resources for you.

  8. Hello I have a 7 year old son he has adhd problems and he has anger issues really bad and he throws things breaks things and being really hateful towards me and his brother and his grandma and he really scares me the way he acts I don’t know what else to do please help I live in Corinth Ms,

  9. I have a almost 7year old son who doesn’t listening at school or on the school bus. I don’t know what to do he doesn’t know how to get him in line he listen good at home with me. Do you have something in NC

  10. My daughter is 9 years and she is giving me a hard time . She has so much hate in her heart and I try so hard to please her and parent her and give her what she wants. I pray for her but she don’t change and she is to the point where she smacks and tells me she hates me . Is there a camp on the bay area I can send her to or something else you can recommend. Please I really need help!

    1. Liliana, I am sorry, but our program is in Florida and is a program to introduce kids to mission opportunities. Please contact a local pastor who should be able to steer you in the right direction.

  11. I have a almost 7 year old boy that don’t listen in school or at home. I can’t handle him anymore. Im going have a heart attack at 24 years old with him. Do you have something in michigan

          1. If your website wasn’t so misleading, maybe you wouldn’t have to respond to dozens of parents with the same answer.
            These are parents seeking true assistance for their kids. Hence why I’m looking on here as well! your website is a falsified distraction!

          2. Monica, I am sorry you feel our website is misleading—that is not our intention. We have been using the “Boot Camp” name for our training since the 1970’s which is years before “Boot Camp” meant a camp for discipline issues. There is a clear description of the program if you click under “Go” and under the “kids camp”. It describes that we want to introduce the kids to missions. We do have classes on several topics, including the usual issues that this age group may face. Unfortunately, I think many are seeing the words “Boot Camp” and are assuming it is a discipline camp. However, we have been known by our “Boot Camp” training since the 1970’s.

  12. I have a 7 almost 8 yr old son and he is so disrespectful and treats me terrible never listens or follows rules
    I need to find a place where he can go to teach him these things he makes my life so miserable and I need help to get him on the right path
    Please help me
    I live in east Texas

      1. I am desperate to get my 7 year old some help I’ve been doing a little bit of research about this peanut kid’s boot camp and I think you guys might be able to help I’m in Florida I don’t know if you guys have anything in Florida Or know of anybody that can helpIf you do not offer services here

        1. I have a 7 year old little boy he is so bad and hard head don’t listening to us been bad on the bus at school talking back hits kids and idk what to do with him so it’s will be good if I sign him up with Boot camp pleased text me back are email me the form at [email protected]

          1. Trina, I am sorry your son is having behavior issues. The purpose of our training is to expose the children to missions. Is there a pastor you could speak with who may be able to refer you to an agency that can help you with these behavior issues?

    1. Did you find somewhere? I have the same issue with my almost 8 year old son. he is so rude and disrespectful and I do so much to make him happy…I was wondering if you found somewhere that made a difference? Good luck…I find it exhausting

    2. We are in the same situation with our 8 year old girl! We need help she never listens and is breaking a rule every day and lying and she knows it’s wrong and won’t stop!!! What can I do?? She is in counseling weekly and is not working

    1. Debra, I am sorry for your son’s bad behavior. You can register him for the Peanut program, but we are not a discipline type Boot Camp. We are exposing children to mission opportunities.

    1. Michele, As stated on our website:

      The Peanut kids camp is a blend of Bible training and actual missions experience. Peanuts will learn how to share the Gospel, and they will go and do just that. Peanuts on work teams will learn how to do the work and then they will do it. Some elements of the training, such as music, puppets and the Obstacle Course—just their size with a rope swing, tunnel and wall— continue throughout the Peanut program. Peanuts will be taught about the customs and people of other lands by nationals from countries around the world, who will share about their country while dressed in national costume. There will be daily devotions, prayer, Bible memory and Scripture lessons on topics such as Neatness and Order, Talking Back, Authority, Stealing and Lying. During evening rallies under the Peanut Big Top, each team shares their cheers and singing, Miss Piggy gives cleanliness awards and the Obstacle Course results are announced. A missionary speaker will present the evening message.

      1. Hi my name is Brooke me and my fiance are having alot of problems with his eight years old son we need help badly and do not know what else to do with him anymore its almost to the point where i am about to leave him because his son has done so much and I can not deal with it no more i can tell you a few things and then when you get back to me i can explain it all to u well first we have lost about five to six monthly securities because he had damaged his bedrooms with holes in the walls, he has cought things on fire like his bed mattress and has also burt holes in the floors, he has put his hands on his classmates at school and they are females, he has been saspended and sent home just last year we’ll over ten times, he has wanted to kill his 12 year old brother there is so so much more we have put him in two different hospitals and that has not even worked right now i am asking everybody for help before one its to late and i leave and just walk out on my fiance after 8years or if his son does something to bad and its to late o and he also cought our trailer his bedroom on fire and also chocked my 8 week old dog to death till he was foaming out the mouth and throw him down 2 flights of steps mam there is just so much could someone please please please get back to me thank you very much

  13. I really need help with my 7 years old son he is out of control I really don’t know what else to do. Can u please help me. I will like to know how can I sign up and how much it will cost. Thank u I really really need your help.

  14. I have a 7yr old boy that is defiant towards everyone he has been suspended from kindergarten 3 times now 1st grade twice already this year would have been 3 times had I not talked the principal into other options . I’ve tried medication and therapy neither seems to help at all. This is my last resort

    1. Callye, I think you are looking for a different type of program. Our main purpose is to introduce the kids to mission opportunities. Please contact a local church for options.

  15. I have a 8 year old girl that don’t like going to school her attitude with us is worse then ever what can I do I been to court over her missing school I don’t want my kid taken away from me please help

  16. I have 7 year that won’t listen and getting trouble all time I don’t know to do anymore he is on ADHD meds and he has ADHD and odd and we spank him and he still don’t get it my hands are tied I don’t know what to do any more I need help and know what to do or not to do

    1. Jenny, He is more than welcome to join our Peanut program, but he would be expected to follow the policies. We are not a Boot Camp for discipline problems. You might want to contact a local pastor for further guidance.

  17. Hi I’m looking for help i have 2 boys from 8year old n 9 year old that they do not listen answer back to me or anyone they hit their little brother n sister they’re not respect no one the curse on me n i do not now what to do with thim

    1. That is me I got a 9 yes old boy and a 9 yr old girl and 5 yr old boy and another 5 yr old don’t wat to listen to me they lie and won’t help me back talk to everyone

  18. He’ll my name is janaye Hutchinson I have a daughter that is 6 years old she doesn’t listing she talk back to adults and she lies to much and every time you tell her something she all ways have words to say she doesn’t listing at all I’m looking for a camp for her

  19. I have an 8 year old little girl that is disrespecting adults she’s threatening kids at school like she’s going to kill them and all this stuff cussing them out so disrespectful I’m at my wit’s end with this I don’t know what to do I’ve punished her I’ve grounded her I put her in timeout I’ve done all kinds of stuff but it seems not to work I need help

  20. I am looking for a camp for my son he is extremely disrespectful to his mother and feels she has to be with him at all times no matter what or who’s around Disney respect others and has severe anger issues any ideas or advice he needs to be inroled yesterday thank you

  21. Hello I am looking for some boot camp for my 7 year old daughter. She is 7 years of age and she is defying her parents and lying, stealing and sneaking and when somebody tells her to do something she thinks she don’t have to do it. I have tried everything and I’m at my Wit’s End and I don’t know what to do and I think this is our only option. Please help me and her I don’t want her to end up like her biological father.

    1. I am wondering how your daughter is doing…I am going through the same thing with my 8_year old and it is tearing my family and me apart. Everything u explained is what she does…she is even cruel to animals

      Thank you

  22. Hi my name is carmen
    I need information about ur boot camp
    My nine year old doesnt want to behave and she talks back to adults and very disrespectful
    I need help
    Plateado get back to me

  23. Hello my name is latoya Campbell i have a nine year old she will be ten in july, she always stomping getting attitudes talking behind my back putting her hands on her siblings i do not like what she’s doing at all she’s threatening students she’s doing to much to be a little girl i have seven more kid’s she is the only one who gives me a hard time i really need help

  24. Hello, I have a 6year old son and a 7year old girl who absolutely do not listen, I try to do the time out thing which doesnt work. They scream throw tantrums hit, whine for no reason. Is this program good for their ages. If so I am VERY interested and would like more information.

  25. I’m from Dallas tx and I would love to know more about the program my son is 10 years old a he has been acting up at home and school he even went as fat as stealing money from me and I’m no having that at all so I think this is the best thing to do for him please help me

    1. Brenda, You can get a list of teams for Peanuts (as long as he doesn’t turn 10 during the program). If he turns 10, he can go on a Preteen team. The teams are listed with a description, dates and cost are all listed on our website.

  26. Hello there. Im having problems with my 8 year old daughter. Fallowing directions. Listening to others when being spoke to. Lieing about things. Stealing money out of my wallet. And keeping her hands to herself. Ive tried everything in the book including spankings and groundments where she cannot play outside. Watch tv or play on her tablet. And chores like dishes etc. .. Im afraid its not getting through to her properly. And i feel as if she is challenging me. And my parenting abilities. I feel like im a bad mother sometimes. And i dont know what else there is to do besides have some one else pump the fear of god into her heart. Can you please help me. I dont want my child to end up on these streets locked up in prison like her father or dead like my friends.

    1. Carla, We have the Peanut program for children of that age. It is not a Boot Camp for those with discipline problems. We are a ministry that introduces these children to mission opportunities. Perhaps you could contact a local church for help with your child.

  27. I am looking for a place for my daughter to see what it is like to have nothing she is 9 years old bevor issues are starting but she is not to bad she is spoiled she has every need met where are you all at

    1. Emily, We are located in Merritt Island, FL. If interested, you can register online at . If she does not turn 10 before or during the program, she can register for the Peanut Camp.

    1. Amanda, We are not a “discipline” Boot Camp. We are a mission organization training the Peanuts in what missions for Christ is all about. We would welcome your son, but he would be required to abide by the policies in order to participate.

    1. Brittany, Although we are not a camp for behavioral problems, she is more than welcome to attend and we would love to have her. She would need to abide by all the policies.

  28. My son is 7 he is completely out of control he has witness domestic violence in the home due to his father and now he is starting the same trait with his older sister and I am afraid he is going to hurt somebody how can I get him into this program I need help urgently

    1. Nikki, We would love to have your child join our program. However, the program is not focused on discipline issues-we are a Christian camp that exposes the children to missions. He would need to abide by the policies in order to participate.

    2. Hi nikkie , i was looking for boot camp for my 8 year old boy and i read your comment please i have exact same problem with my son and I don’t know what to do . Did you register him in that christian camp and did it work for him? its urgent for me too ,thank you .

  29. my 7 year old daughter is disrespevtful and doesnt listen to anyone me her father grandparents geez anyone and i no longer know what to do about it???….my husband and i are looking into a boot camp for her. im not sure what else to do please help!!!

    1. Lynsey, Thank you for your interest in our program. I am sorry about your daughter’s behavior. I am not sure we are the type of “boot camp” you are looking for. The purpose of our Peanut program is to expose the children to mission opportunities. Have you spoke with your pastor?

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