Reilly, Mike and Rena (Fall 2011)

Dear Friends and Family,

Each year brings new challenges, adventures and trials. This year is no exception. We started the year with the goal of improving our small school by becoming a fully-accredited program; actually, it started several years back but now has gone into full gear. We submitted the first round of paperwork to the Government of Queensland, and through a lot of resubmitting and your prayers, we officially have a Diploma of Biblical Studies and Missions to offer the world. It is not just a state program, but it is a Diploma program recognized by the federal government. Now we just have to work on getting the paperwork done to deliver the program and get some qualified teachers. Which, is a lot more work than the last batch, but the paperwork is easier, just fill in the blanks.

The Reilly’s new method of raising support, actually it is our last family photo together. We thought we’d make it fun.

The next challenge is our kids getting older and somewhat smarter. I do not know how it worked out that way. I have not gotten any older, but they have. They went from riding bikes to driving cars. From being home schooled to high school and now one has even left home for University. Something is wrong with this picture. Katie Rose ran off to the other side of the world just to go to school. How is that possible? She just learned how to walk while we were in Pakistan, now she runs—I mean runs all the way to the furthest point of the world she can get from us, (she’s in Florida). But little does she know that DAD has some friends hiding in the bushes watching. She never can run too far from the long arms of Dad! She is attending Southeastern University in Lakeland, FL. Her major is journalism. Maybe since she is all grown-up she can type up these newsletters for her “old man”?!

The next challenge is Michael. He will be graduating from high school in a few weeks. Again, I do not know how that can be. He just learned how to walk while we were in Haiti. The difference is, he has no idea what he wants to do. Pizza delivery sounds good to him. If the pizza doesn’t make it in time then he gets to eat it or something like that. Pray for him! He’ s just loving life!

Katie over loading car

One of the other challenges we are always trying to work out is keeping you updated with all that is going on with us and vice versa. Since being here, we have been a bit slack with newsletters. So for the past year we have been sending out email updates to everyone. The web system out here is still a bit slow and my knowledge of facebook, twitter, linken and other media is even slower. But I can send out emails. So, if you have not been getting our updates and photos at least once a month, a few things could be happening. One is, we send the updates out in bulk mail it might be ending up in your junk mailbox. Or we do not have the most updated email address on you. So if you email us your latest email address we will send you our updates. Our email address is [email protected]. Yes, this is still our first email address. I am just old fashioned.

We hope to have another newsletter around Christmas (it may be late as usual—Boot Camp time). Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

The Reilly’s Eph. 6:10-18

Prayer Requests: – For our finances, the very weak US dollar is affecting all of us in missions. – Katie Rose and Michael’s studies. Direction for Michael, as he does not know what he wants to do when he finishes high school. -That we get the mountain of paperwork done in time for the Diploma Program to start at the beginning of the school year. – We need Staff and teachers to get this program off the ground.

– Please join us in praising God for open doors and giving us a Certificate of Accreditation.


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