Bland, Bob & Bernie (Fall 2011)

As we look back over the past summer, we see the Hand of God in so much. Some of the stats are evidence of His Hand. There were 709 team members and leaders on the US summer teams. They went to 25-30 countries. Hundreds of decisions for Christ were recorded. Many orphans received warm clothes for the cold winter in Africa. Yes, it does get cold in Africa in the winter season of May to September. Other AIDS orphans received a pair of shoes for the first time in their life and team members were blessed as they washed their feet and put the socks and shoes on them. I’m not sure who was blessed the most; both went home rejoicing at what the Lord did. A foot bridge was built in Zambia that will permit kids to go to school now in the wet season and make it possible for adults to get supplies of food or get to a clinic. Many other completed projects advanced the Kingdom around the world. One team shared Christ totally around the world beginning in Siberia.

Missionaries to Canada

The Missionaries to Canada and America, all from Asia, were a blessing to the Boot Camps, especially in the evening rallies. They travelled nine months across Canada and made a great impact there. They also visited several churches in the U.S. and were well received. They have all returned home now. However, plans are in the works for a new team of Asian Missionaries to America and Canada for 2012.

As usual, Bernie and I moved to Boot Camp first of June and were there or on the road until the end of September. In August, we met with the leaders of the Southern Methodist Church in Orangeburg, SC. They will host one of the three Old Testament Tabernacles promoting Christ and the work of AIDS Orphans. The second Tabernacle will be in Hudson, Wisconsin, at Teens for Christ. It was there a year ago and they asked for it to return as they had many requests. The third Tabernacle will go to Crossroads Christian Television station in Toronto. The station telecasts across Canada.

Following our time in Orangeburg, we stayed overnight with Helen Inman, missionary with SIM, at her home in Charlotte, NC. She and her brothers were some of “our kids” at YFC in Chillicothe, Ohio. She is responsible for training missionary kids and has done such a good job overseas and here in the U.S. Next it was onto Wake Forest to Quiz Time, where they make Bible quiz seats. Our plan, Lord willing, is to introduce these electric quiz seats to the Motorcycle Sunday School Mission classes. We are having 30 seats built and are working on printing 8,000 memory verse packets to be given to Sunday school children. Each packet will have 40 selected verses. On the other side of the verse cards will be phonics to help them in reading. We are excited about this project. MSSM is now operating 81 Sunday Schools in Africa. Quiz seats cost $581 a set but will be worth it as these orphans hide God’s Word in their hearts. They have so little else. The following year a different set of 40 verses will be printed, adding to their memorization of God’s Word. Our goal is to have 111 Sunday Schools by November 11, 2011, or 11/11/11. We are about 30 short of the goal. It takes $79 a month to name and sponsor a Sunday School in the African bush. Could you or your church do one?

Touring Boot Camp trails

Next it was onto Harrisburg, PA where we have a Tabernacle set up. Twice the fence blew down as they had record-breaking severe weather. Due to the inclement weather all summer, the attendance did not do well. Just a few hundred, where we expected several thousand. Oh well, try again.

Bernie and I spent a couple of days with our daughter, Cathy, on the way to Ohio. I became ill in West Virginia. Bernice drove us to Ohio to her sister, Esther Goldsberry’s in Chillicothe. I got out of the car and went straight to bed. She keeps a room for us. I spent most of the next three weeks in bed with bronchial pneumonia. My chest was very sore from coughing, but as I lay in bed, most of those weeks, I praised the Lord for the treatment. I had three trips to the doctor at a nearby clinic. I had a comfortable bed, TV, anything I wanted to eat, which was nothing and someone to care for me day and night. How privileged I was as there are thousands of AIDS Orphans sick with no medication, comfortable bed, food, blankets, or anyone to care. We must do more for them. Even in our sickness, we are blessed.

I was able to get to Alma Methodist Church to preach on Sunday morning and attended the Alma Homecoming and more importantly, run the National Crawdad Race. The winner of the 3-5 year olds was Aylah Humphrey with “Bubbles”; 6-12 year olds was Alex Haines with “Bob Joe”; 13 and up winner was Jordan Prall with “Mr. Pinchers”. The crawdads were recruited from “Crooked Creek” where they had been training all Spring. They were returned to Crooked Creek to share bragging rights till next year. That evening we spoke at Mt. Tabor, Bernie’s home church.

We went to Alton, IL, just outside of St. Louis to attend the national Bland Heritage Reunion. I serve on the board of Bland Heritage. From there we went to Evansville, IN to speak at First Presbyterian Church in the morning service. There we (Bob and Bernie) attended the Youth Evangelism Association Conference. I also serve on the board there. Our Teen Missions Bible School students, who had just spent a week on the Appalachian Trail, were also there. There were many great speakers and all were a blessing.

Boot Camp Cooking Class

On the way home, we stopped overnight at Mark and Shirley Peterson’s in Douglasville, GA. Shirley spent many years on teams with Bernie and I. She is the example of how a 17 year old girl could be more mature than a 50 year old adult. They have 10 children, all of them perfect examples of a Christian

family. Our daughter, Cathy, flew into Atlanta and helped drive us home and helped her mother clean house after being gone all summer. What a help!

Back in the office we are trying to catch up on mountains of paperwork. I leave for Oregon on October 21 to meet with two churches and their leadership. One helps support our work in Uganda and the other, Honduras.

Thank you for being partners with Bernie and I in this ministry.

We are both doing better and praise the Lord for that! God is so good!

Bob and Bernie


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