Trinidad, West Indies

Dates: June 20  – August 12

Serve the Lord this summer in Trinidad, the southern-most island of the West Indies in the Caribbean Sea, which has a unique and diverse culture unlike anywhere else. After training is completed at the Lord’s Boot Camp, you will bus to the Orlando International Airport for your flight to the capital city, Port of Spain, (via Miami). Here, your project with Triumphant Ministries will be to continue construction on the pastor’s house. You will have the opportunity to share Jesus through music, puppets and door-to-door evangelism. Housing will be in a building and showers are available. The team will enjoy spending their free time with the friendly locals who know the meaning of hospitality. Take a trip to Port of Spain where you can see the British colonial buildings of Queens Park Savannah, or do some shopping on Fredrick Street. You will swim in the beautiful blue waters of the Caribbean at Maracus Bay and sample the famous Bake n’ Shark sandwiches of Trinidad. A visit to the Caroni Bird Sanctuary is planned; here you may see thousands of scarlet ibis, the national bird of Trinidad. Shopping for souvenirs may include colorful t-shirts, beaded jewelry, and steel drums.

Estimated Project Expense: $3190 U.S. plus $30 Registration Fee

Register Online Now!       (Note: Teams are filled on a first come, first served basis.)

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  1. Hi Beth,
    I second Kimberly’s sentiments at your patience! I have been looking everywhere trying to find out where to send mail. Can you please give us an address and also, when they travel to Trinidad, do we use the same address?

    Thanks so much!
    Kathy Peterson

    • Kathy, To Boot Camp or the field. The field addresses are under “Mission Trips”. The Boot Camp address is: Team name and number/team member’s name//871 E Hall Rd./Merritt Island, FL 32953

  2. Thanks for the info. The updates will all be under ‘Mission’s Reports’ even if there is no picture?

  3. And Kimberly W. don’t forget to tune in to the nightly rallys at 7:15 EST all during Super BootCamp!

  4. Dear Beth,
    You are very patient with your answers, my hat goes off to you! My daughter, Abby, is on the Trinidad team and I was wondering if there will be pictures and updates on this website from time to time. Knowing they don’t have access to the internet I hoped that someone would post a little of what they are experiencing. It’s such a different world than when I went in 1983, to Liberia, no such thing as instant messaging. I totally understand if this will not be happening but thought it may as I see a few postings from some of the other team.
    Blessings, Kimberly Wahl

    • Ms. Wahl, Yes, the leaders will be sending in reports twice weekly which will be posted on our web site. They will also send in pictures periodically if they are able.

  5. I’ve been having trouble finding a bible case if I don’t get one in time will I be able to purchase one at the boot camp store? Any idea who my leaders will be or do I have to wait and see? Just 10 days, i’m praying for you guys.

    • Lila, Yes, you may purchase one at Boot Camp. We do not give out the names of the leaders as it can change.

  6. When does the 2013 mission trip list come out? Do you think this trip will be offered next year? Thanks!

  7. Christian Schrader

    I know we need insect repellent for Boot Camp – do we need a lot for Trinidad also?

    • Christian, Yes, you will need it for Trinidad, but don’t bring aerosol cans as you can’t fly with those.

  8. is this trip full for boys? is this trip full for girls? (my sister is also interested) thanks!!

  9. lila touchstone

    Is it ok if I bring my own poncho or do I need to use the TMI issued one. Just 28 more days, i`m so exited.

    • Lila, You can bring your own. Just don’t leave the “extra” one in your tent, eating site, Big Top site or on the clothesline! 🙂

  10. Trinidad was an amazing experience i also went last summer

  11. Sarah peterson

    I am going to send in the cards that describe how im coming and going from florida…. can i send those in the same kind of envelop as when i send in money or will it get lost that way?
    and i can for sure buy a dish bag at boot camp? because i dont want to be without when i get there…

    • Sarah, Yes, you may send in the cards in a finance envelope. Yes, you may buy a dish bag at Boot Camp.

  12. Hey everyone!!! I am also going on this mission and really would love to get to know you all so just add me under facebook its under christiana panell(:

  13. Sarah Peterson

    what shots do i need to get to go to trinidad? and when will we get the spring packet that tells us which tools to bring and the details on the trip?

    • Sarah, The tool list will be with the May newsletter. You will need to check with your physician on what he/she recommends. Nothing is required.

  14. To my future teammates, can`t wait to meet you guys

  15. is there still room for one boy 14?

  16. when soaking my boots, do i soak them all,the way? like with water inside if the boot?

    • Sarah, I have never done that, but from what I understand, you do completely soak them and let them dry on your feet.

  17. Just inquiring – how would you handle a food allergy on a missions trip like this? (For instance, a wheat/gluten allergy). Is it still possible to come or does it make it too difficult?

  18. is this trip full for boys?

  19. Hey Beth, do you know how much the dish bags are in the boot camp store?
    And just to be clear on that, I dont have to make one if I bring money to buy one?

  20. hey guys! i just registered for this trip. i’d love to get to know some people who are going before we meet in a few months! 🙂 add me on facebook: or e-mail me: [email protected]. don’t make fun of my e-mail, it was from grade 5 and i haven’t bothered to change it yet!! haha.

  21. What is kp?

  22. Would you happen to know what time wd have to go to sleep and wake up when at boot camp and on the field?

    • Sarah, You wake up at 5:30 at Boot Camp (earlier if you have KP). It will vary on the field depending on the work/daylight situation. We had to wake up really early on one of our China teams because it was so hot in the afternoon.

  23. Sarah, (or anybody else that is going or wants to go on this trip), feel free to email me at [email protected] if you want pictures of Trinidad! I went on the trip last year, and it was amazing! Just let me know.

  24. Can it be like a lace and a deep v neck? Just wondering……

  25. Im a little confused, for the cover up for the swim suit, what are the requirements on that? All of the other sheets that talk about it are a little confusing!

    • Sarah, The cover-up has to come to the knees and have sleeves. A long tee-shirt that you can find where they sell pj’s and night gowns work well.

  26. sarah vermillera

    hey what day is this team leaving boot camp?

  27. if we have them make the checks out to you guys then i dont think they are going to tax because you are non profit….. just thought id clear that up.

    • Sarah, Any checks written to TMI go towards the project expense. All other expenses would have to go through your church if a tax-deductible receipt is needed. We are under a different IRS code.

  28. and if so can i have the tax id #?

  29. We are going to do spirit nights at chilis but we are going to get taxed on it……so my mom was wondering if we could have them make the checks out to Teen Missions and count it as a donation?

    • Sarah, If they are donating towards your project expense (ONLY), then the checks can be made out to TMI and we will issue a tax receipt. If it is for your personal spending money or money for supplies, then we cannot issue a receipt for that.

  30. Ok. On the packing list it says to have handy your unaccompanied minor fee….I will be flying southwest airlines to and from Florida and I do not have to be an unaccompanied minor so does this apply to me? Or is this the fee for when I am traveling with all of the teen missions team to the Trinidad?

    • Sarah, If you are not flying as an unaccompanied minor, then the fee would not apply to you. Since SW lets you fly without paying for baggage, then the baggage fee would not apply either.

  31. if i bring a gift card instead of a tool, how much should we put on it and for what store?

    • Sarah, Later in the spring, you will receive your Individual Team Fact Sheet. In that, there will be a tool list and the tool that you are suppose to bring. Go the the store and ask how much that tool would cost and get a gift card for that amount.

  32. At what times can we arrive at for boot camp?

    • Sarah, This information is in the monthly letters. You can arrive between 10 AM on June 19 and 10 AM on June 20.

  33. I decided im just gonna go with an air matress 🙂 Thanks for all your help!

  34. Sarah, you will be sharing the tent with another girl and the size of the tent is 8’x8′. The only type of cot that would fit is a cot that is only 6 or 7 inches off the floor and no wider than the sleeping bag. Everything you bring to Florida will be in your tent and it has to be neat and on your side of the tent. I hope this helps.

  35. So I cant bring a cot?

    • Sarah, Yes, if it is small and will fit in your weight limit. You will probably be the only one with a cot.

  36. And my mom wants to know how much we need to bring weekly and what all is that used for? Also we were looking at a pair of boots but I am not really sure about them so I thought I would ask….. The collar of the boot is at a slant, with the shorter part on the heel running at 5 1/2 inches and the top of the slant running at 6 1/2 inches…..Do you think these would work?

    • Sarah, The money information is in the General Fact Sheet. Yes, your American money will be exchanged to the local currency. You decide how much you want to exchange and the leaders decide how often it is exchanged. We measure the boots from the floor to the highest part of the boot. Make sure the body is all leather and that they are lace-up.

  37. How do i convert my cash into trinidad currency? and my mom wants to know if i can have a little debt card and withdraw money in trinidad for weekly expenses?

  38. I know….I was just wondering how long it was because i wasnt sure if my cot would fit…..

  39. would you happen to know the big the duffel bag is?

  40. I was going to pack shorts for sleepwear and just didnt know if i could do that…….

  41. What kind of clothing do we bring for sleepwear?

  42. My mom wants to know if they can send money weekly(while im in the field) for weekly spending money or something?

    • Sarah, As stated in the General Fact Sheet, you will need to bring your spending money with you in cash. It is not safe to send money overseas.

  43. My aunt went on a mission trip like 35 years ago and she said that you guys have a bus that goes around the country, picking up kids specificly that are going on the trips…… My mom wanted to know if that is a real thing or not?

    • Sarah, We used to have buses that did that. However, the insurance costs became prohibitive, so we no longer do bus runs.

  44. Thanks so Much! And one last thing…. In my missions packet there were 2 forms we had to sign about my health….. would you know which department we should contact for information on the sheet itself?

    • Sarah, You can call the US/Canada teams dept. BOTH need to be filled out and make sure the backs are signed and the fronts are notarized.

  45. And on the packing list it has two little squares…..One of which says Work Teams girls and the other says Evangelistic Teams girls…..Do you know which we would be for the Trinidad team because i need to know what to pack!! 😉


  46. It says in one spot that we have a 40 lbs weight limit but then I saw somewhere else 35 lbs… you know wich it is?

  47. Ok, I know it says we cant bring anything but work boots and water shoes but what do we wear with our nicer outfits for church? we cant bring flats or something for just church? and are we allowed to bring our own little portable cot to sleep on instead of an air mattress? Its one that is very light weight and it breaks down into a small cylinder thing….. And my mom would like to know where would we be sleeping, in tents, buildings, or something else…..


    • Sarah, The only footwear you can bring are the boots and water shoes. You will wear the boots at all times, except when you are swimming or showering. I think you are in buildings. Housing will come out in the Individual Team Fact Sheets which are mailed later in the spring. As long as it fits in your weight limit, that is fine.

  48. Agreeing with Amanda and Dre, YOU SHOULD GO ON THIS TRIP!!!!! I went with them last summer, and it was absolutely amazing! You will love the people, the food, the kids, and the music. Trinidad is so beautiful, and even the rainstorms are fun the church is GREEN guys! haha it absolutely gorgeous! The Pastor and his family are the most loving people you will every meet! IT IS ALL WORTH IT! Even boot camp! Give them last years team’s love when you get there!

  49. If I have all the donors make the checks out to me, I deposit them and make one big check out from me can they still get the tax deduction?

  50. Ok! And one last thing…..scince I would be flying in can I have all my stuff in my suitcases, but leave the suitcases at boot camp while we are in Trinidad? Then just pick it up when we come back? Beacuse it would be really hard to fly all my stuff in a box and fly it back…….

  51. In the missions packet it said half of the money had to be in halfway from the registrationdTe and the boot camp day…… that super strict? Or can I just send in the money as it comes in and then just bring the rest on the day of the boot camp?

    • Sarah, Those are “goals”. We would like $300 in 30 days and the full amount in by May 15, but if you can’t do that, make sure we have it all by the day you arrive. Do not hold the money. As soon as several checks come in, send them in.

  52. Lol. Ok!

  53. my mom was looking at the packing list and she saw toilet paper……she was wondering if we have to bring toilet paper for the whole summer or can we bring like one roll and buy the rest in Trinidad?

    • Sarah, I would bring a roll for Boot Camp (we do give you one roll) and a roll or two for the field. Our TP is MUCH softer!

  54. Oh. Ok. Thanks for all your help!

  55. What happens if I dont want to go on another trip? Do I get the money back or do you keep it?

    • Sarah, As stated in previous posts, all money is donated to Teen Missions and is non-refundable and non-transferable. The ONLY exception is if there is a medical issue and there is a dr. letter.

  56. So whenever I get money I give it you guys for my trip and you guys keep it………what happens if I dont raise enough money?can I have it back so I can use it for the next year?

    • Sarah, If you don’t raise enough money, you can switch to a cheaper team. We cannot hold it over for another year due to IRS standards.

  57. so is the registration fee the only non refundable part?

    • Sarah, It is all non-refundable. Funds can be held over for one year, but only for a medical reason with a Dr’s letter.

  58. ok! i live in houston,tx so it is a really long drive!! i would be flying in to orlando…… and my mom wants to know if there are any tax deductions for people who give money and if so how do they get that?

    • Sarah, Have you registered? That information is in the packet we send you after registration. It is also on our web site. Yes, the gifts for your support are tax-deductible and we will provide transportation from the Orlando Intl. Airport to Boot Camp.

  59. and is the bootcamp on june 20th?

  60. ok! i was looking at flights and i would be flying in from orlando….sorry!is their financial aid?

    • Sarah, If you live near Orlando, you can just drive over. We are about 45 minutes east of the airport. We supply prayer cards and letters to help you raise your support.

  61. when does the money have to be in by?

  62. If i was to fly into the Melbourne International Airport would someone from teen missions be able to pick me up and take me to the boot camp site? And when is the boot camp for the Trinidad trip?

    • Sarah, No, we do not provide transportation to/from the Melbourne Airport. We only provide transportation to/from the Orlando International (MCO) and the Titusville Greyhound station.

  63. i was just wondering if there are any spots still available and if there are is there some kid of financial aid?

  64. I saw that there was still room for girls, and was just wondering, if we decided to go on this trip, when do we need to sign up by and everything like that?

  65. is there still room for girls on this trip?

  66. it’ll be my first mission trip and it sounds like a really great place to go. but my school is not over until June 23. is there anyway i can arrive a day or two late to boot camp?

  67. are there still spots available? if so, how many are available for girls?

  68. I would love to go on this trip. Trinidad sounds wonderful and exiting.

  69. Anyone trying to decide on a team, you will not regret this one!!! I went on this trip last year.
    I agree with Amanda, Triumphant Ministries is the best, they are truly living in God’s word. I love them all so much and wish I could go back this summer. You will never forget this summer, they will truly touch your lives as you will touch theirs by continuing the Samaroo’s house.
    PS: Maracus Bay is GORGEOUS:) oh if you go ask them about Dre, Emily, and Payton, they will tell you some good stories lol

  70. I AM!!!! I signed up, the night I asked if it was filled up, I felt like God was calling me to go there!! I am so excited, I can’t wait to help finishing build the pastors house, and I can’t wait to see what God is gunna do too!

  71. To those of you wondering whether or not you should sign up for the Trinidad trip,

    My advice, DO IT! The people at Triumphant Ministries are amazing! You would love them. Also, the country is magnificent. You will not regret signing up for this team. The people of Triumphant Ministries are awaiting you with open arms and will minister to your life equally as much as you minister to theirs.

    Go, go, go!

  72. Is this team filled up yet?

  73. I am having a difficult time deciding what team to go on too. I can’t go to early boot camp, and after such a long time thinking about it I think I have narrowed it down to France or Trinidad! What about you?

  74. Are there any trips with a waiting list as of today?

  75. oh this one sounds just lovely! I ‘m having a hard time deciding which one to go to. I ‘m going to pray about it! are there spots available for this one?

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