Upgrading the Australia Base

We have been working on several projects that the US team started. We are trying to finish painting the staff house and the Reilly’s house. There is a section that is really hard to reach on the staff house because the carport is too close to the building and yet too far for a ladder to reach. We are also working on the foundation for the new Wash Area 6.5 x 11 meters. We finished digging it out and have put the plumbing in, and the plastic down. We also started to put the formwork up, but then it has started to rain and has slowed all painting and formwork and putting the steel bars & re-mesh in. So we are working on the literature room. Just finished tiling the floor and now we have begun the long process of reorganizing it. One of the other jobs we have been working on is tiling the block section of wall inside the A-frames. Since the block walls are not level or straight is has been a bit hard to lay the tiles. But the tiles have made that place look a lot nicer and have covered up some holes where our small four-footed creatures have snuck in.


  1. I was on the second team from the US in 1991. We finished the a-frame dorms mixing and hand pouring 12 pallets of cement on a piece of plywood or using a hand mixer and hand cutting scrap tongue and groove flooring to build the sleeping platforms in the a-frames. It was a great summer! It is amazing to see how much has changed in over 20 years.

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