Aronson, Emery and Linda (Fall 2011)


I am staring October right in the face and am wondering where this summer has gone. Talk about time literally flying by…

2011 Mustard Seed Camp

Once again, we had a busy, but wonderful summer. God did some amazing things in and through the lives of over 700 team members and leaders. Thousands came to know the Lord through their ministry this summer. Please check out our website (www. for more information. We are already receiving registrations for the 2012 teams!

I had the privilege of leading a Mustard Seed team again this year. The Lord blesses me so much through the lives of these precious children—this is something I look forward to all year. I love to see how much the kids want to learn and do and to be able to instill the Word of God in their lives at such a young age is a blessing!

Last year, the theme was “cowboys”. This year the theme was “kings and queens”. Using the colors of the Wordless Book, we use stories such as King Saul with black representing his sin; Jesus is king for the blood (red) He shed on the cross. White is represented by Queen Esther whose pure heart and honorable intentions saved the Jews from being killed. King David was anointed as a young boy and grew up to be prepared as the next king. Green is for growing. Each of the colors was a theme for the morning or afternoon Bible sessions. Our snacks were all different colors, such as chocolate milk, red strawberries, yellow bananas, white yogurt and green cucumber sandwiches. Verses and crafts also went along with them. Our snack time was “tea time” to go along with the king and queen theme and teapots and teacups were provided. It was fun to watch the kids with their pinkie finger extended as they drank and asking politely for more “tea” and saying “thank you”. We even had our own “Queen Omega” who came out of the castle door to visit the people. We taught the kids how to bow and curtsy in the presence of the king or queen. The kids did a great job and had a lot of fun (so did the leaders!).

The Four Generations

The kids were required to memorize Bible verses. The verses were not long and it was exciting to see the kids memorizing God’s Word. Some of the older kids already knew the verses and could say them easily. Others had to work a little harder.

Following my time with the Mustard Seeds, I was back in the Finance Office, which never seems to have a “down time” as there is always money to process in and send out. Once Boot Camp was over, my summer staff responsibilities began. I spent a lot of time in the Finance Office, but I also helped with night and weekend phone duty, purchasing goodies for the snack bar at Debriefs and selling those goodies. I always enjoy seeing the team members come back for Debrief and hearing their stories of what God did in and through them through their summer team experiences. In addition, I had to check in all the leader’s finances from their summer teams. Again, this is a good opportunity to hear the leaders exciting experiences. There is never a dull moment when you are on summer staff! There is always so much to do and so few people to do it. However, everyone always manages to work together and a lot is accomplished.

Emery was busy this summer keeping the grounds looking good. He always enjoys doing the outside work and does a very good job. He was also responsible for securing all the drivers for the many bus runs to and from the airports and during Debriefs. His mechanical skills always come in handy during the summer when our regular mechanics are overseas. Even though his work is “behind the scenes”, it is still vital to the running of this ministry.

We thoroughly enjoy all the opportunities to babysit Ava. She is learning so much and is really starting to talk. Her little personality is starting to come out! She is very tall for her age and will be turning two (but looks like she is three) in October. That is hard to believe—time goes by so fast!

Ava in Grandma's chair at work

We are excited that Matthew and Jacque are expecting another baby at the end of March. We are sad though as they are planning to move to North Carolina after Christmas. They have a contract on their house, which is a real answer to prayer. However, we are REALLY going to miss them.

Joseph spent a lot of time this summer out at the office helping his dad whenever he was needed. Right now he is still volunteering at the zoo twice a week. During the month of October they have “Boo at the Zoo” and other fund raisers so he helps get things set up and will help with the take down. He has not found a permanent job yet, but we are hopeful that he will soon.

Mom is doing well in the home where she lives. My sisters have visited sometimes and that really lifts her spirits. It is so hard to see her forget the current things that you talk about one day and then again the next day, and the next…

Thank you so much for your prayers and support that allow us to be a part of this ministry! You are appreciated!

Take care,

The Aronsons

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