Zambia Testimony of Forgivness

This month a woman came late to Sunday School and found me in the middle of teaching a lesson on forgiveness. The woman was with her 9 month old baby who had a high fever and was coughing. She had no money to take the child to the hospital because her husband was jailed 6 months ago and is serving a 9-month sentence with hard labor after the Wild Game Authorities caught him with game meat in his bag. The sad part is that a “friend” put the meat in his bag without his knowledge. The woman refused to forgive the man who framed her husband. While I was teaching about forgiveness tears started coming from the eyes of the woman. She stood up and moved to the back, holding onto a tress. I thought she might be really sick and asked her what was wrong. She began to explain her story and the pain this situation has caused her. She has no money and is missing her husband who was the provider for the family. She went on to say that now I can forgive the man who caused her husband go to jail. She was carrying a heavy load, but can now let it go. She appreciates MSSM for the lessons that speak to individual hearts. She also thanked the sponsors for what they are doing in people’s lives through the MSSM ministry. May God bless you!

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