Chambers, Amyann (Fall 2011)


Backpacking the Appalachian Trial

Thank you for praying for my trip to Zambia. The summer had it’s ups and downs, but I praise God for it all. I had a great bunch of teens this summer. Each one was very unique and I am so glad God blessed me with all 15 of them. We were able to finish the bridge and give clothes to the kids in the area that were in need of them.

the summer, all of our Florida Bible School students headed to Georgia to hike part of the Appalachian Trial. They broke up into four groups with a staff member in each. I was the staff member in the third group. The first day I thought I wasn’t capable of doing the whole 40.3 miles. Everytime we would stop, my legs would shake. The next day was a lot easier and so was the next. Looking back on the time on the trail, the most valuable thing I learned was on the last day. We had only four miles to go and everyone was doing great until one of my girls started having cramps. I took her tent and one of the guys took the rest of her bag so she could keep going. As I walked those miles with a little extra weight in my bag, I thought of the extra weight Jesus carried on a hike. Just like the girl had to give us her baggage, we must give God the load only He can carry.

The finished bridge

After the hike, we headed to Indiana for a Youth Leader Conference. Everyone learned a lot and the two Saturdays we were there, we got the chance to go to the youth night rallies at TTT Ministries. While at the rallies, we were able to do some dramas, sing, and I was able to read a poem to the kids. It was a big blessing.

Now I am back in Florida working on getting everything ready for the Puppet Style Weekend. It will be a weekend when people come to Teen Missions to see the different parts of the ministry of Teen Missions while learning different evangelism tools. I am coordinating the whole thing and I am both nervous and excited about the challenge.

My little tag along

I am also starting a skating ministry on the side. God has given me a talent with skates and I am going to do my best with His help to glorify the Lord with that talent. I was skating at the park one day right before the summer and a boy who was there saw me and asked me how I was able to skate backwards and wanted to know if I could do any tricks. I did a spin or two and he thought it was the coolest thing. We talked for a while and it gave me an opportunity to get to know the boy a little bit. I found out that he had been on a summer trip with Teen Missions a few years back, but was no longer spending much time with God and wasn’t going to church as much. I told him the importance of maintaining his spiritual walk and was able to encourage him to get back on track. God used a simple thing like skating to help someone with their relationship with Christ. Please join me in prayer that God will help use this to lead many to the Lord. There is power in prayer, so thank you for praying for me and for all your support.

Thank you and God bless,




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