Deegan, Sean and Sharon (Fall 2011)

Dearest Friends and Family,

The name of the Lord be praised for the many things He has done for our growing family these past few months!

Our summer started off just like any other summer here at Teen Missions—Boot Camp! It truly is the most exciting time of our year and what we look forward to the most. Seeing the teens, Preteens, Peanuts and even Mustard Seeds arrive brings so much joy to our hearts as staff. So many came to serve the Lord this past summer and we hope and pray that every single one of the kids and leaders will remember what the Lord has taught them in the countries that they went to. It is also amazing to see all the Teen Missions staff from all over the world come to Florida. It is like having a Teen Missions family reunion every year. The summer truly is my favorite time of the year (other than Christmas, of course) as a Teen Missions staffer. Although this summer was a little bit different for us as a family as it was the first time Sean would lead a team without his family. It was also the first time Kieley went on a team without us—Mustard Seeds!

Kieley in her mustard seed outfit

During Boot Camp I was in my third trimester and was given the job of Receptionist. It was great to greet all the kids and their families that came into the office—newcomers and former team members. I only hope that I was able to bless those who came in who were nervous to be on their first team and those poor mothers that have a hard time saying goodbye to their treasures for up to six weeks. I can’t imagine how hard it is to go through that as I had a hard enough time saying goodbye to my own little treasure for three days when Kieley went to Mustard Seeds Camp (and she was on the property the whole time).

Kieley really enjoyed her time in Mustard Seeds this summer. She learned so much about the love of Christ and the Wordless Books and bracelets. She also did an amazing job on the Obstacle Course and learned so many songs and a few memory verses. She did get sick midway through but was back in great shape to finish her time at camp. We would like to take this time to thank all of those who prayed for Kieley while she was at Mustard Seeds and sent her e-mails and letters while she was there. We also would like to thank Megan Gardner for being her guardian and friend during this special time of her life. She thinks of you with great fondness and loves you very much. Thanks again!

Sean's Team with the Pastors family

Aiden was too young to join Mustard Seeds this year, but in two more years he will be able to join the program. He was in the Teen Missions Munchkin Missions through the duration of Boot Camp. He was one little flirt with the teenage girls. I think it is his cheeks and deep blue eyes. He just can’t help himself for being so cute.

Sean met his team at Boot Camp and through the Lord’s strength, helped prepare them for the time they would spend in Trinidad. It was hard to say goodbye to Daddy for four weeks but I knew that the Lord was going to give us the strength that we needed every day to get through it. Sean really enjoyed his time in Trinidad. This team held a special place in his heart because just 10 years ago he was on a team as a team member to the very same place. Now 10 years later, he was a head leader and able to see the progress that was done on the church he helped build when he was a teenager. He helped bless the pastor by starting on the church back then and now the team will bless the pastor again by starting on his house. The team worked very hard every day and sometimes even throughout the night to the early morning hours on the foundation of the pastor’s house. It meant so much to Sean that the pastor and even his sons remembered him from the past. They have become very good friends and Sean is hoping to go back again on a team in the future. Having them and his fellow leaders and team members praying for him was what he needed to go through this team without his family.

Having Daddy gone for that length of time and being nine months pregnant with the two kids was not easy but I was amazed of the strength and encouragement given to me from the Lord and my friends and family. I was able to work half days on summer staff answering the phones at Reception. This helped make time go by so much quicker and I was given so much help from fellow staff members with my children so I could have a break now and then and with going to doctor appointments.

Sean & Cailyn

Time flew by and Sean was soon back from Trinidad. The summer program ended and the waiting game began. Weeks would go by with no sign of a baby coming. We were all getting anxious, even the kids. Finally the day arrived. On September 13, 2011, we welcomed the arrival of our new baby girl, Cailyn Larissa Deegan. She was born 12 minutes before midnight and what would have been her actual due date. She was 8 lbs 14 ounces and 20 1⁄2 inches long. She has a full head of black hair that is about an inch long. We still are not sure on color of eyes, but that will be determined later. With having such thick black hair, blue eyes would be very captivating if she were to go the same route as her siblings with the blue eyes. She is such a great baby too—sleeps a majority of the day and night and is only awake about 20-30 minutes at a time every 4-6 hours. I have never felt so rested with a newborn. Kieley is very excited to finally have her baby sister. She constantly wants to be near her and give her hugs and kisses. Aiden is still getting used to having a newborn in the house. He is very compassionate when she cries and tries his best to give her the pacifier.

Sharon and her Kiddos

Thinking back on those very busy months, I have come to rely so much more on the Lord, His strength and the help of the body of Christ. I know we would not have been able to go through such a time as this without the help that was given by so many of our friends and family and your prayers. We couldn’t be able to thank you enough for all of  your prayers and support that is given to us. Thank you all for your friendship and love for our family as it continues to grow. We are really looking forward to see what the Lord has in store for us as the year continues and our children grow in the knowledge of out Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Please continue to pray for us as we teach our children the ways the Lord would have us to, that they may grow to know Him more. Please pray also for our financial support, especially now with our new addition to the family. Thank you again for all the love and support given to our family and may the Lord continue to bless you as you have blessed us.

In His Arms,

The Deegan Family Phil. 4:6


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