Ecuador Boot Camp is a Great Success

Report from Ecuador Boot Camp—August 2011

The Chapel was packed for Commissioning and at least 50 parents were standing for all of the service; there was no seating space. 110 kids and leaders lit their candles and four of the teams packed their bus, truck and van and left to the cheers of parents, pastors, the American team, plus the other two teams—who left this morning. All have reported in as having arrived safely at their project sites.

Ecuador Team

Evening rallies have seen kids responding to appeals and one night we had over half the Boot Camp at the altar. To my knowledge there have been four salvations, and many more re-dedications.

Debrief went very well. We did not have anyone leave during the project in any of the teams. It was a wonderful success. The classes went well. Quizzing went well except for some of the usual problems with the equipment. All the team members seemed to enjoy the banquet.

We have people already interested in helping with the February Boot Camp. Leaders also showing interest. We are very excited to see what the future holds.

The BMW has begun again and the 10 students have all started their weekend ministries. We harvested some of the lettuce and cilantro from the garden. The main project has been the construction of the cap beam, installation of the rafters, and start assembling the roof using the materials bought by the American team.




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