Evans, Amanda (Fall 2011)

Dear Family, Friends and Supporters,

It is hard for me to believe that it is time for another newsletter. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were doing the last- minute preparations for Boot Camp. Well, Boot Camp is long gone, along with the summer. It was an amazing summer! Over 700 team members and leaders served the Lord all over the world this summer and thousands came to know Him through their ministries with Teen Missions this summer!

Preparing Staff Newsletters for Mailing

What did I do this summer? I did a LOT of different things. The Lord taught me to be willing and flexible! I was a part of the summer staff. You may think there is not much to do around the base during the summer, but that is not the case. I was busy working in the Finance Department. I also answered phones, including night and weekend phones (we have to man the phones 24/7 while the summer program is going on). I worked in the kitchen, did purchasing for the kitchen, drove for airport runs, cut grass and cleaned dorm rooms along with anything else that needed to be done! Whew! No wonder the summer went by so fast!

Here is a report of what the Lord did in the Kilimanjaro Team this summer. If you want to read more reports. Please go to our web site at www.teenmissions.org.

The evangelism portion of our trip has been going well and as the team members learn more and more how to evangelize effectively we are seeing better response. The first day up on the mountain, the team shared a presentation at a secondary school. During the altar call more than 50 people came forward to accept Christ. Thursday morning the team did their first door-to-door evangelism. Each group came back with gifts of fruit and vegetables for the team in appreciation for what they were doing. It impacted the team to see how little they have as they just live off the land and yet they are still willing to welcome the team into their home and offer them a gift.

Kilimanjaro Backpack Team Girls

In the afternoon they did another presentation at another secondary school. Each evening we have shown various films in Swahili at the church. Over 100 people would fill the church and even a few more stood outside peeking in to watch the film.

Friday the team did one last presentation of the Gospel to a primary school up the hill. Shortly after their backpacks were loaded up, they were on their way to another church across a large valley and up another couple of slopes. It was a difficult hike with incredibly steep walking trails both down and up. Again some thought they couldn’t make it, but their teammates really supported and encouraged them and they all made it through another tough hike, though this one was just two hours.

Secondary School Presentation in Tanzania

Another exciting thing is that I now have a car! For the last four years I have had to depend on other people to take me places or borrow a car. At the beginning of this summer, another staff couple was selling their 2003 Chevrolet Monte Carlo because they were moving to Malawi. I’m so happy! It is very nice to have a car, so I don’t have to depend on someone else to take me everywhere. However, I was not able to pay for the car in cash, so please pray with me that the Lord will provide the finances needed to pay it off. If you would like to help me in this, please fill out the coupon at the bottom of this letter and return it to Teen Missions with your donation.

Most of the staff is back in the office and I am continuing to work in the Finance Department full-time. Thank you so much for your prayers and financial support. I would not be here, serving with Teen Missions, without your help. God bless you!

Amada Evans


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