Honduras Bible students find receptive hearts to the Gospel

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ from Honduras, where God has continued working in the lives of many. This last weekend, the Chicas family was doing promotion for Boot Camp in the southern part of Honduras. Friday evening, Chico was invited to share at a church in San Marcos where he gave a great message on missions. Saturday, we visited several pastors in Choluteca, dropping off the information about Boot Camp and the school. Chico was also given the opportunity to share about the ministry of Teen Missions over a local radio station during the weekly youth hour. We pray that this sparked an interest in some of the youth in that area who have never heard of Teen Missions before.

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As for the student’s ministry in San Isidro, they were visiting homes on Saturday afternoon and one girl prayed to receive Christ! They also prayed for an elderly lady who is a Christian but had a stoke and cannot walk now. In the evening, they were in the youth meeting. Sunday morning the students each shared a devotional with the children in their class. One group of students visited eight families in the neighborhood of San Isidro that is known for being dangerous. To their surprise, and to the glory of God, in the first house they visited, one girl rededicated her life to Christ, and in the third house, one man accepted Christ! In the fifth house, the family told them it was the first time they had ever heard the gospel! Wow!

The other group of students had 42 children attend their Saturday afternoon class, and 18 youth attended the Saturday evening youth service. We trust that an eternal impact is being made in the lives of these children and youth!




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