Hames, Blair and Carrie (Fall 2011)

It has been a full summer and this fall is turning out the same way. We will give everyone a quick run-down. Where to begin? I guess we shall start with this summer.

Sicily Work Project

This summer we had the privilege of taking 16 Preteens (10- 13 year olds) to Sicily. What a fantastic age group to minister with! I know the lives of these kids have been changed and that the Lord is working on each one of them. We thank the Lord for the chance we had to impact them for the Kingdom. One of these team members was Jaden (our son), so it was a new experience for us and for him. Our time in Sicily was spent working on several different projects such as pouring a driveway, pouring a foundation that will one day have a cabin on it, landscaping and painting. We also did a lot of general clean up around the camp, helping them prepare for the youth camps they held in August. Pray for Sicily—it is very spiritually dark to the Gospel. There are only 30 protestant churches with maybe 30 members each on an island with more than five million people. A very high percentage of the population is considered Roman Catholic, but religion is viewed more as a tradition than having a relationship with a Savior.

Appalachian Trail Team

After the Summer – Blair continued to work after Debrief instead of taking his time off right away. He worked with the students a lot on different projects around Teen Missions. One of those projects included converting concrete stairs just outside the main office into a gently sloped ramp. It was a tough challenge but a good learning experience and time to get to know some of the students. September 10th, Blair left with three other staff and the 22 BMW students for a hike on the Appalachian Trail. It was a time for personal reflection with God and enjoying God’s wonderful creation. They went 40 miles along a section that started at Dick’s Creek Gap in Georgia and ended at Winding Staircase in North Carolina.  Blair has fallen in love with backpacking, especially loving the opportunity to be alone with God in His creation. One of the lessons he learned while hiking is how closely the trail resembles life. We have our up-hill battles, times that are flat and relaxing, occasionally down hills that are easy, but through it all we have our brothers and sisters in Christ to lean on when we do not think we can go on. It has been such a wonderful blessing to walk through this journey called life with everyone that we have connected with at different times along “the trail”. At the end of the hike, the entire group spent the last evening around the fire sharing what the Lord had done and singing songs that filled the area with worship. After their time on the trail, they attended a evangelism conference at TTT Ministries in Evansville, IN. It was a good time of fellowship with other like-minded youth ministries. It was refreshing to discuss the need for evangelism and how each ministry is doing their best to meet this challenge.

September 11th, the kids and I set off for our own adventures along the east coast. We were able to visit many friends and family along the way and enjoyed the Homeschooler Days in Williamsburg, VA.

Taking a Break

I picked Blair up from TTT and our family started our three weeks of deputation which included a weekend in Louisville, KY, three nights with dear friends at a cabin in Alabama, a night in Little Rock and on to Texas. It was a true Texas-sized tour with a night in Keller, two nights in Midlothian, three nights in San Antonio and a night in Houston. Thanks to all who we stayed with along the way!! It was a blessing to spend time with fellow believers and reconnect with friends. One of the highlights was visiting the battleship U.S.S. Texas. This ship has a special place in the heart of Blair’s family. It was the ship Blair’s Great Grandfather served on in WW1. Though it looks different now then it did in WW1, it was awesome to think he walked those same decks so many years ago.

Blair & Carrie

What’s Next? – I am still homeschooling and making the most of this time at home with the kids while they are young. Some days are challenging with kids in pre-k, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades. Blair continues to work in the computer/video world of Teen Missions. As a family, we still talk frequently about our desire to live and serve in ministry overseas and we are waiting and praying for God’s timing. Will you pray with us?

As the holidays quickly approach we pray you and your loved ones are blessed with good health and the peace of the Lord.





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