Siberia Testifies of God’s Mighty Power


Here is an example how God is helping a person in his desperate needs  to cross the path of Christian people – for him to hear the Gospel message.  Lyuda and Gosha took sound equipment back to the Baptist Church in Petukhovo, next morning after their  evangelizing meeting in Pashkovo where about 80 young people were present.  They had only 15 minutes at their disposal being in a hurry to Kurgan. Exactly at that time a young man of about 30 or so years old entered the church building – for the first time in his life!  Drinking is his main problem  after his wife and their child perished when their house was on fire.  Lyuda and Gosha  told him about his need to be saved by faith in Jesus.  Sergei accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior.  He has been to the church a few times since that day  (August 17) and  church members expressed their interest  in his life situation and want to help him  grow in Christ.  Let His name be praised above all names!!!

We are thankful for the a great harvest from our garden!

Garden Vegetables

Quotes from Siberia BMW teens:
At this wonderful camp of Teen Missions I came to know more about God and His mighty power. I want to come here every Summer and  bring to the Lord my friends.  I came to know how to tell about Jesus to other people. We also learned how to memorize Bible verses and use them in evangelism. We learned  to be obedient and more time to spend with the Lord, to glorify His name! I have got many  good friends here that are faithful to the Lord and want to follow Him. I have a great desire that  all of them would tell their acquaintances about Jesus Christ, our Savior!”  Vika
“I am glad that I came to Boot Camp-2011. I liked that there were many friends, good fellowship, spiritual nourishment. This kind of camp is a good training for future ministers for the Lord. I appreciated strict discipline – it is a good help for our parents, because  sometimes it is difficult for them to maintain  proper discipline, the way it is done here.  I would like to come next Summer again.” Garik,
“On my way to the Camp I never thought it would be a great input into my personality.  Lately I have become very lazy  and it affected  my spiritual state of mind. I felt emty inside although I have been in praise and worship group at our church. Having come to the Camp I dived into the atmosphere of the Holy Spirit, strict discipline and …joy!  This is what I needed the most. Now I try to be obedient to the schedule:  when to rise and shine, when to eat, where to go, when to sing, when to go to bed!
There is a great chance to look at yourself more intently,  to evaluate the meaning of your life and your goals…
My heart got inflamed with a new desire – to share good news with those around me! The first ten days have changed me greatly.  I cannot find proper words to give thanks to my Heavenly Father for this possibility – to love His Word anew and Himself more than ever. Glory to His wonderful name!” Iris


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  1. What a great time I had in Russia this past summer. I love the Russia boot camp and all the young people that were there. I truly enjoyed watching the team members and leaders grow this past summer. I will miss not being with them in the summer of 2012.

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