Powerful Testimonies from Zambia

Zambia blanket shared by family of five.

Henry, age 11, stays with his biological Father who is a drunkard. This man never used to go to church, but he would require his son to go to Sunday School to learn how to read and write. One day during Sunday School the boy gave his life to Christ. That same day Henry was able to write his name and his Father’s name for the first time. On October 2nd Henry’s Father came to church and I (Mike) was preaching from Romans 12:1-2. After I finished preaching the man gave his life to Christ. Henry’s Father saw the change that took place in his son’s life and wanted that same change in his own life. He now allows all his children to come for Sunday School. The boy testified that his Father never used to pray before eating Nshima, but one day he prayed before eating and challenged his Father to do the same. If it wasn’t for the ministry of MSSM I wonder where these two individuals would stand today. We rejoice with the angels that two more people have accepted Christ as their personal Savior.

One of the most challenging and touching stories I came across was in Mumena when I met a family (of 5) who was sharing one torn blanket in temperatures of 48 degrees. I shed tears when I saw the living conditions of this family.


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