Philippino Students are Working Hard

We are so grateful to God for another term and for the challenges in life for those student who are working hard for God’s work.

The student ministry is doing great. All the students are doing good at leading Bible studies in the neighborhood. Most of the participants attend Sunday worship with the students. We use the old rally building for our neighborhood worship. We have more or less 60 people that come to TMI to worship our living God. These people and thier children didn’t know Jesus before, but through the Bible studies and children’s ministry they are now believers in Christ.


One testimony of a lady is that she thought she was worshiping the true god (idols), but now she is very thankful for the ministry of the students where she found the truth. This lady is a former leader of another religion, she is in charge of one chapel. The small stores are now complaining for they said nobody bought the alcohol drinks anymore! One father testified that when he found the Lord, the life with his family is now full of blessing, not like before that every money he earned went to the vices.

Working the Garden in the Philippines

The local outreach is doing good and has become a blessing to the students and people around TMI property. The students also went to the schools and taught a moral recovery class. The government allowed us to teach valuable  information in the schools.

The student and staff are working diligently on the garden. We are planting various vegetables due to the increasing cost of all fish, vegetables and meat in the market. We are planting squash, string beans, okra and other green and leafy vegetables.



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