Tuttle, Brian and Amber (Fall 2011)

The Peru Team at the building site

Dear Friends,

I would love to tell you about our awesome summer in Chile, BUT instead I will tell you about our awesome return to Peru! What? Yes, we made our plans, and then God, as He so often does, completely changed them. All things worked together for good and all for His glory!

Our team was past the halfway mark of our training at the Lord’s Boot Camp and we were told that suddenly the Chilean Embassy had called requesting some type of additional notarization for each team member that had never been requested before. There was no way to collect this on such short notice, so a quick decision had to be made. Our flight itinerary for Chile already had us stopping in Peru, so returning to Pucallpa became our new destination. Surprisingly, we were at complete peace with this and so was the team. We had been looking forward to going to Chile, but the thought of being able to return and finish the church we had started was exciting!

Team Work!

There were new adventures in travel! Our flight took us to Lima, but from there we took a 20-hour bus ride over the Andes Mountains to reach Pucallpa. Wow! The rules of the road are a little different—there aren’t any! It was beautiful and amazing, an experience of a lifetime.

Upon arriving at the church, Judy, the missionary’s wife, said, “Brian, we have been praying and fasting for the past year that Teen Missions would come back and finish our church”. Don’t ever doubt the power of prayer!

We were so blessed with an amazing group of kids. They truly wanted to serve the Peruvian people and complete their church. They worked hard and diligently. Each evening we came together for a time of worship and prayer. A different team member would share each night. It was so precious to hear the person sharing open up about their own walk with God and their personal struggles, and then to listen as the rest of the team built them up and encouraged them!

Emily in Chile

These kids really grew and several of them are already signed up to come back next summer. It is such a blessing to know that what happens through this ministry is changing lives overseas and at home.

We had the privilege of returning to Louisville, Ky. after the summer and sharing with our church family at Valley View about all we had experienced. We also loved spending time with many of our friends and family! It was hard to leave the new babies behind, as our extended family continues to grow. We want all of you to know how much it means to us that you care about what we are doing and are continually lifting our family in prayer.

We are slowly adjusting to being back at the Florida base and are already working to get things ready for next summer. Please pray for the staff here, as well as our many other bases around the world. The devil is always looking for an opportunity to discourage and divide and we don’t want to fall into his traps. Please let us know how we can be praying for you! We love you all so much!

In Christ, Brian, Amber, Wes, Seth and Emily Tuttle

Praises: • At one point this summer, our immediate family was in three different countries, but God kept us all safe and brought us back together. • That God continues to meet all our needs! • For family, friends, and our life group who stand behind what we are doing

Prayer Requests: • To have a greater burden for the lost • For our kids as they continue to adjust to being here • For needed monthly financial supporters


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