Vanderpool, Kathy (Fall 2011)

The Lord is good a strong hold in the day of trouble; and he knoweth them that trust in Him. Nahum 1:7

Mustard Seed Camp 2011

Dear Family and Friends,

Summer time has come and gone, but lots of things happened during July – September.

JUNE is the month for Boot Camps to start. We run three Boot Camps at one time. Mustard Seeds come in during the last three days of Early Boot Camp, finishing with a Commissioning service and arrival of 2nd Boot Camp. I had 25 little Mustard Seeds—each came with a guardian. Kings and Queens from the Bible were the theme this year. Dad built be a castle front for Queen Omega and the puppets to come share with the children. We use the Wordless Book to teach them the plan of salvation. We have a memory verse for each color, a craft and this year each child had a passport and stamps to get when the Missionaries to America came to tell about their country and how they can pray. Queen Omega had special teas prepared for them with their own tea cup and tea pot. The Obstacle Course is always a highlight for children. Pool time is cool down time and then the evening rally with songs taught by my sister, O.C. results, the Pig Pen award and ending with the evening speaker with a special message for them. They are a delight to be with and always eager to learn and do all they can.

Mustard Seed Camp 2011

JULY involved the Super Boot Camp and Preteens. Their Commissioning service ended on the 9th of July and on the 10th, I was taking the Missionaries to America to a Sunday morning service. We came back and by 5:00 we had the trailer loaded with all our suit cases and equipment to start traveling. On Monday morning, at 5:00 AM, we headed up to Ohio. Dad and Mom were able to go with me on this trip as well. We were taking the team back to Canada so that they could fly back home after being here for a year. We had two banquets to hold in Ohio and then on the third day, we drove to Canada. One of the team members became sick and we were delayed for about four hours as we sought medical help at a clinic in Minnesota. We are so thankful that she was able to continue on the journey, but it did make us a little behind in getting to Canada. We finally arrived at our base in Canada at 5:00 AM and then on July 21, the seven Indonesian team members flew home. At 7AM the next morning the two Korean team members flew home. Then it was back to the office.

Dad was going to reroof the house at the Teen Missions in Canada base, so my brother-in-law, Jim, was able to fly up and help put the roof on. Meanwhile, we added to the “to do” list of projects in the house. In the basement downstairs, they were able to make a little kitchenette along with completing and painting one of the rooms. Upstairs we painted a room in preparation as a guest room. Then a breezeway was built between the house and the office. When Barb (my sister) arrived, we did a make-over in the office. We were able to complete all of our jobs and even had two days with all the staff to go over other projects for the year. It was a successful time and the Lord blessed our time there.

Canada Base

It was time to drive back to Florida and we didn’t go with an empty trailer. We brought back the riding lawn mower and 30 plus bags of coats, sweaters, clothes and 400 plus pairs of shoes.

We arrived back in Florida in time for Dad to teach his first Bible Class at the Teen Missions BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center and I was back in the office ready to help keep communication flowing between the Director and overseas bases. Another project was to get 300 orphan packets ready to send to a church in Oregon. On September 22, they were in the mail. Now it is time to do our Orphan Sponsor renewals. This means putting together an update of each Rescue Unit, getting their monthly envelopes ready with the orphan number, getting the labels made and sending them out. There are around 800 orphans that are being sponsored in six different African countries. We praise the Lord for all their faithful giving that helps these Rescue Units taking care of the orphans. I am so thankful that the Lord allows me to be a part of the ministry of Teen Missions and many thanks to you for making it possible for me to serve the Lord here.


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