Malawi Bible Schools are making remarkable progress

Janet and Elicy reported a very big attendance of women who came for Bible study on Friday last week at Chikwatu village. They were almost 30 who attended Bible study. The week before last week there were only 5 who came to attend the Bible study and most of them came from the same family. The funny part  is that most of these people when they came, they stood far away thinking that they were restricted from joining the group of women who were already learning the word of God, but they were invited to be part of the group and they were excited and immediately joined the group. They sang the songs excited and listened to the teaching of the word of God attentively. At the end of the Bible study an appeal was made if there was anybody convicted by the Holy spirit and that she wanted her life changed and become a born again Christian, Praise the Lord that 5 women accepted this and were prayed for. They are coming from Islamic families, they have never  been Christians in their entire  life. They all need prayers to grow up. Their names are Mariam, Akalonga, Abiti Ntenje, Abiti John and Angela.

Janet teaching 2 ladies

The students have been doing wonderful work on the building, I haven’t been able to work with them for almost two consecutive weeks because of the big refresher which was happening  at Chipoka base and there after I was learning some things about finances from Matt and Heni. I  am so happy for them that they have been working so hard with one of our staff Robert John. Rental beam and finishing up all the main walls are done, we are now going to start forming the cap beam this week. By the first week of November the cap beam must be poured and we are hoping to start working on the roof right away after that. We are working toward the goal of having the roof done before the heavy rains start pouring. I am excited that almost all the supplies needed for the roof are here. We are so thankful because of the finances provided for the project and the prayers you are making for us everyday.

We are continuining making a remarkable progress toward developing the Northern Base. Gift and Fazina having been working on gathering the supplies for the staffhouse and the storage rooms for AO and BMW. Miscius and myself are planning on leading a team of 12 facilitators from our Rescue Units, from Oct 14 through Oct 28 to build the facilities menthioned above. We are going to pull out one fascilitator from each and every Unit for two weeks. The Units will still operate with one facilitator present. Pray for us as we are struggling with fuel problem. By the way we do appreciate your prayers for us all the time. May God bless you.

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