Asenek, Richard and Mercy (Fall 2011)

Cameroon Camp

Dear Friends,

Once again we want to give you updates of our ministry with Teen Missions; we would start by thanking God for giving us the privilege to serve in His vineyard.

Our family: Mercy and I now have four children—Thompson, Jesse, James and the last, Daniel, whom we prayed would be a girl. We thank God for He gave us what He wanted, not what we wanted. Nevertheless, they still have sisters to play with for we are fortunate to have two little nieces, Ruth and Yvette, who play, teach and take care of our boys in school and home for they are a little older than them. We would take this opportunity to thank Teen Missions for providing us a good and larger apartment where our children have enough room to play and feel comfortable. Words from our mouth cannot express the joy in our hearts; God alone knows and we pray He would continue to bless this ministry and make it to grow from strength to strength.

Rescue Unit

Boot Camp: Let us share a little with you about our summer Boot Camp 2011. Unlike the other years, we had fewer this year attend with 75 team members and leaders on four teams who went out doing evangelism in villages around two regions of the country. Though small, they came back with great testimonies. Each summer, we face new challenges and gain new experience as all this works positively in our lives.

BMW: This summer we were privileged to graduate the 3rd batch of our BiBle, Missionary & Work Training Center (BMW). All this took place at our Debrief, which makes it possible for the team members to experience and know what it all means to be a part of the BMW program. We had about 100 guests who came for the graduation ceremony. Thank God for our coordinators who were able to figure out some extra food for us to feed the large crowd. We graduated five students with four staying to serve the Lord with Teen Missions at our four Rescue Units. Our BMW school will resume on September 12 with three students. Please join us to pray for more students as they promise to come the next week. We are blessed with a missionary couple, Taylor and Rebecca White and their son, Malachi, who are doing their internship here. They will be teaching a lot of classes in our BMW and helping us to do a lot of work around the base. We are so grateful and may God keep them safe and sound throughout their stay here with us.

Construction in Cameroon

Our Rescue Units are doing great and it is best for the facilitators to give the update of how the orphans are doing. We are looking forward to starting the fourth unit at Gum any time. We still have some finishing work to do there and our facilitators are ready and willing to start work and take over the Unit.

Good news! The Motorcycle Sunday School Mission (MSSM) has finally reached us here in Cameroon. We are so happy to start off this ministry and we pray God is going to use the ministry in a wonderful way to reach the children in remote areas. We have two graduates whom we are currently training on how to use the motorbike, for they shall be going from place to place and village to village on the bike to hold the Sunday school lessons. It is a good thing our coordinators made provision for a new photocopier machine in order for them to do their paperwork. We are so grateful for that and we just pray God would use this ministry here in Cameroon in a marvelous way.

We thank you all for your continuous prayer and support for us as we serve the Lord with Teen Mission for we know without your support, we would find it very difficult to do our mission. May God continue to bless you all.

Praises: *Thank God for the privilege He has given us to serve in his vineyard. *Thank God for providing us the means to send our boys to a good school and supplying all their school needs. *Thank God for good health for the past two years. None of us have been sick with any major health problems.

Prayer requests: *Pray that God provides us with more students to come and learn more about Him. *Pray for the upcoming presidential election here in Cameroon— that it shall be free of strikes or violence.

Yours in Service,

Richard, Mercy and family

Teen Missions in Cameroon, Philippians 4:13


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