Bauman, Adam (Fall 2011)

Preteen Team

Hello Friends and Family,

Praise the Lord for all the awesome things He’s done. I had an awesome summer serving the Lord with Teen Missions. I had the privilege of leading a team of junior high kids to an Indian reservation in Arizona. For those who don’t know, Teen Missions is an organization that does short-term mission trips for teenagers. For more info you can visit my blog at One thing you should know before reading these stories is that God should get all the glory. I would not be able to do any of these things without the provision of God.

Me and the Preteen Team

August 6th became a very sad day for me.  There’s no way to describe what it’s like to be a leader. The joy and peace that comes with it is unspeakable. When you’re around these preteens for as long as you are you tend to build very strong relationships with them and become very attached to them. The more care and kindness you show to them, the more you love them. When one becomes a leader that person does many different things. I’ve lead two of my team members to Christ. I’ve prayed for them when they were struggling. I make sure they stay safe and I make sure they know I enjoy being around them. I pray with them before bed and I pray with them when they wake up. If they get homesick, I comfort them and I tell them that they are a blessing to the team. I make sure they do what they are supposed to do and I discipline them when they sin against God. Sometimes I get woken in the night because they need something and sometimes I take care of them when they’re sick. I teach them about the word of God and about the love of Christ. I let them know that God loves them and that I love them. I put their lives ahead of mine and I would die for them if I had to. For five weeks I am with them 24/7, constantly. Then one day something changes drastically. That’s the day when you have to sit at the airport and watch them fly back to their homes one by one. What is it like to go from being with them 24/7 for five weeks and then to not be around them at all and, most likely, never seeing them again. It’s devastating. It makes you feel completely empty. I miss them all so much and I would do anything to have all 26 of them with me again. That’s why August 6th has become a very sad day for me.

Team in Arizona

I was almost brought to tears when I heard him pray that prayer.  To God be the glory! He is still adding people to His kingdom. At Boot Camp (the missionary training you get before going on the mission trip) I had the privilege of leading one of my team members to Christ. He came forward during the invitation and I was the one to counsel Him. The first thing I asked him was the question of whether or not he believed in God. He said, “I don’t know.” I stopped everything I was doing and prayed that what I said would be God’s words and not mine. I shared with him the verse John 3:16 and then I shared the Gospel to him as simply as I could. I then asked him if he wanted to pray and receive Christ as his Lord and Savior. He said that he did and the prayer he prayed was one of the most amazing prayers I’ve ever heard anyone pray. After that I shared with him how to grow in the Lord and when I finished saying that we both said a closing prayer. The last thing he said in that prayer was, “I just love you so much God.” I was almost brought to tears when I heard him pray that prayer.

These young kids led at least two seniors to the Lord.  At Teen Missions, I had the privilege of doing a program called Peanuts which is basically a week-long summer camp for kids age 7-9 that has a missions emphasis. The neat thing about this program is that during the week we take the kids to a nursing home to share the Gospel. At first the kids were shy and would not go over and talk to the seniors. This one kid on my team said that he did not want to go talk to them at first, but after a couple of minutes he said that he wanted to find out if this one man knew Jesus as Lord and Savior. He went over and talked to him and was suddenly very comfortable talking to him. These young kids led at least two seniors to the Lord.

Sharing at the Nursing Home

Youth in Crisis!   It’s sad to see this country slowly slipping away from Christ. It’s especially sad to see the young people of this country slowly slip away from Christ. The Lord has given me a strong love for teens and I would do anything to bring this country back to God. Seventy-five percent of America’s youth have engaged in at least one type of psychic or witchcraft-related activity, beyond mere horoscope usage or media exposure. Fifty percent of all teens are sexually active. Seventy-seven percent of Michigan high school students had tried alcohol, 67% have tried cigarette smoking, 41% have tried marijuana, and 18% have used another type of illegal drug (i.e., LSD, PCP, ecstasy, mushrooms, speed, ice, or heroin) at least once in their life. Every thirty minutes in America – 29 kids will attempt suicide. Ninety percent of people who worship Satan are teens. Nine out of 10 have seen porn. Studies reveal that 85% of the people who make a commitment to Jesus Christ make the decision by the age of 18, or they never will. These sad statistics came from several different websites (,,, As long as I’m living in this world I want to meet the spiritual needs of the people there. Ephesians 6:12 teaches that we are in a spiritual battle. I want to win as many battles as I can for the youth of this country.

Be a Part   I appreciate your time in reading these stories. I’ll be sending more of these newsletters out in the future. If you know anyone who would like to get a newsletter from a missionary, email me their name, address, city, state and zip code. These newsletters are free for both of us and Teen Missions prints and sends them out. So it’s no trouble at all. In fact, the more newsletters I send out the more it blesses my ministry. Also, if you are interested in financially supporting me you can do so by filling out the slip of paper at the bottom of this newsletter. I would consider you as much a part of this ministry as I am. Thanks again for your time in reading this and God bless.

In Christ,

Adam Bauman

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